In the past, the capital for Territory of Arkansas was the Arkansas Post. Fun Facts: Arkansas is home of the only active diamond mine in the United States. The Carnegie Foundation classifies the U of A among only 3 percent of universities in America that have the highest level of research activity. Fact 1 Little Rock is located at the geographic center of the state of Arkansas. Illinois tribe referred to this area as Quapaw. Diamonds were first discovered in Arkansas by John W. Huddleston in 1906 where Crater of Diamonds State Park stands now 4. Here are 15 awesome facts all about Kansas. The Japanese culture can be frustrating for some, and fascinating for many, depending on the experiences we encounter in this conservative but highly modernised nation. With a total of 53,180 sq mi (137,773 km²) of land and water it is the 29th largest state. Arkansas Agriculture Fun Facts. With a brief history and lots of interesting facts, Arkansas state is famous for its Capital. In California, snuff tobacco is taxed differently depending on its type. Shash WightonShash is an avid traveler and enjoyer of all good things life can throw his way. The next time you're moved to tears by a great movie moment made perfect by the soundtrack, thank Pine Bluff native Freeman Owens, the first person to successfully add sound to film. Elvis was cleaned up for his service in the Army at Fort Chaffee on March 25, 1958 where he received his televised haircut. It’s “Ar-kan-saw.”, “Great Southern Arkansas Mule Ride”bySouthern Arkansas Universityis licensed underCC BY 2.0. Or what you call a rainbow that happens at night? This legendary beast is said to be about 7 feet (2 meters) tall, and appears similar to other hominids like gorillas, but is covered in long, dark hair. Hope is the self-proclaimed Watermelon Capital Of the World. 9. Though there are several interesting facts about Arkansas throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. 11 Wild Facts About Sheriff Woody From Toy Story, 30 Fun Facts About The Caribbean Island, Saint Lucia, 10 Encouraging Health Benefits Of Exercising, 12 Captivating Facts About Corgis That You Should Know, 200 Fun Facts That’ll Actually Make Your Life Better. 25. In July, the high and low temperature for the Silom Springs located at the northwest part of the state is 32 and 19 degree C or 89 and 67 degree F. Interesting Facts about the State of Arkansas. 12. Pygmy marmoset sitting on small branch. 16. The show "Designing Women" was produced by Harry Thomason, a Little Rock native. 18. Facts about the University Established in 1871, the University of Arkansas is the only comprehensive doctoral degree granting institution in Arkansas. BuzzFeed Staff, UK. There were actually only ever two diamond mines in the entirety of the US, with the other one being the Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine in Colorado. It’s also home to many caves, lakes, and state and national parks. 13. Ozarks Facts: Etymology Version 2. 10. Running against George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton won with a landslide and was inaugurated as the 42nd president of the United States on January 20, 1993. 20. Don't get caught not knowing the true origin story for Kleenex, or what a beefalo is. As a result, the president sent 1000 troops from the 101st Airborne division of the US army to escort the children to school. 33. Like all southern states, Arkansas is rich with history. It was the only Revolutionary War skirmish in the state. Arkansas-native Hattie Caraway was the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate in November 1932. FACT 2. The 5-year old kids legally drinking in the UK? But have you ever stopped to think that every single word you use has some sort of origin story?