Mask well. Wash your hands after use, and wash any areas you spilled it on (on yourself and otherwise). This product transforms from liquid spray form to a hard coating that is designed to stay on your truck's bed permanently. Bed liner spray is a product that allows you to apply a tough protective lining to the bed of your truck by means of a polyurethane spray. Unlike regular paint products, magnetic paint primer is very thick and very sticky. I dont even have any problems with the paint chipping off when I tighten a bolt to it. And I should also note that I almost exclusively use Rust-Oleum Spray Paint. If I am outside with grimy hands (I used to be a landscaper and I would lay stone and would get lime/mortar or soil/sod dirt on my hands before lunch) I have often used a little bit of water and some fine grit sand (from the side of the road, a sandbox etc.). Once the surface is clean, properly dispose of all soiled rags. It says so on the packaging. One way to get spray paint off your skin is by cleansing it with oils. Dried paint can be difficult to remove. Open it away from your face when you open it. Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of spray paint on my skin. Do not handle naked hands, and do not rub it into your naked hands. Switch the ladder to the left side of the rim and repeat Steps 1 through 6. Tips. Get some olive oil or vegetable oil from your kitchen, and hold your hands over the sink. I used rustoleum on 5 engines that I restored going back over 3 years and they still look as good as they did when I first started them. Once the full backboard is clean and dry, step off the ladder and move back a few feet to examine your work. 2. Two days ago, I posted my recipe for Goo Gone / Sticker and Gunk Remover, and since I am desparate to get the spray paint not only off of my hands, but my ring too, I decided to give it a try! I never had rustoleum orange peel or wash off with gas or come off onto my hands when rubbing after it was dry. The water and sand acted as a small abrasive pad and it quickly works to exfoliate the skin removing the grime while doing so. Mineral spirits are highly toxic. Then, turn on the water and continue rubbing your hands under the water. Try to clean up overspray, drips and spatters as quickly as possible with acetone, xylene or mineral spirits. I’ve discovered a really easy way to remove spray paint off of skin using just a few natural products that you have in your kitchen cupboards. I spray painted it metallic aluminum. Always use a clean rag when cleaning. It also spatters easily and doesn’t hang onto the brush the same way that regular paint does. Pour a generous amount of oil over your palms, and rubs your hands together for about 15 seconds. If the backboard is completely clean and clear, you are now finished. Wear rubber gloves. Rub it into the skin, using it to scrub gently at the paint to leave your hands smooth and clean. Make sure you open it and use it in a well ventilated area. What a disaster. Simply wet your hands and the affected area, then place roughly a tablespoon of plain white sugar on it. It came out a fantastic silver color. Wash the surface with commercial detergent and water after cleaning with remover. (I’m assuming you have them – 95% sure you do). This can be an effective way to clean your skin after using harsher methods, such as oil or Vick's. I think I did everything I was supposed to. But now, a week later, when I brush it with my hand, my hand comes away dark gray!