//-->, "Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain Maytag To convert that number to amperes, divide by 120, and estimate. All Rights Reserved your credit card! Make sure the appliance is unplugged. Nehemiah 9:6, If Speed Queen The compressor is running ,the fan by the compressor is running fine. Dave Harnish procedures, and how to make your own, in a future article). Index Now, you have to check for other alternatives for saving food, other than a large repair bill or purchasing a new fridge. The thermostat inside the refrigerator tells the compressor when to turn on and turn off to maintain safe cooling levels. pulled off pretty much the same way. If Site Map google_ad_format = "468x60_as"; google_ad_width = 468; note the two pins that read the highest resistance. The problem may just be a bad overload or compressor relay. Locate the start relay. Email: However, let's see the example. The location of the overload protector is with the start relay on or near the compressor. Step 2 - Find the Start Relay. New Albany, PA Once the appliance is unplugged, wait about 30 minutes after removing power before you pull the capacitor out. maintenance software to binding bearings, and the ‘bottom line’s the same: either the compressor or The compressor is typically located at the back bottom of the fridge so you'll need to remove the unit from the wall. McIntosh Manuals | Westinghouse maintenance is so important for any How Do You Know if Your Refrigerator Compressor is Bad? Pull the refrigerator away from the wall or other obstruction so you have plenty of elbow space to work in. Take These Steps to Further Test Your Compressor. Copyright www.DavesRepair.com  Here's the simple procedure I use whenever I run into one that’s A tag on the compressor should state the power that the refrigerator draws in watts. Compressor check by Embraco 27/07/2017 3 minutes Read Many refrigerators have doubts about the state of the compressor when evaluating problems in a refrigeration system: whether it is burned out (and therefore should be discarded and replaced) or is working well and the … This may sound like a faint humming and you may not even notice it anymore because you are so used to it. When you work with American Appliance Repair, we can look to see if your refrigerator is still under warranty. Step 2 - Find the Start Relay. Step 3. in its entirety, including this message. Do These Tests for Compressor Repair: Refrigerator problem? To do this you need to find the compressor first. Vintage Appliance Parts | This is why we at American Appliance Repair have provided you with comprehensive information to tell if the issue is likely the compressor or if there is something else going on. Tech! Pay attention for half an hour. Side panel. A tag on the compressor should state the power that the refrigerator draws in watts. If you do not hear it, then there is an issue. If you hear a rattle, then it is bad. You can easily locate the side panel. The one that remains is the 'common', to which one end of both the start and main windings connect. common's not always the top pin, so you'll want to do this test to be sure). Side panel. only solution, if that’s the case, is compressor replacement - a major job, Now set the multimeter on ohm or resistance tasting or use an ohmmeter and check the compressor, follow the same method as we use for the fridge compressor terminal. How To Test the Overload Protector. Then, leave the refrigerator unplugged for some minutes. Many Thanks! You might hear knocking noises, it’s normal. Laundry Manuals   Since the compressor is an important part of the fridge, you usually check this part when the refrigerator has a cooling problem. Favorite Links Now you can get a refrigeration compressor for any number of devices. refrigerator will have to be replaced (I’ll be discussing test cord You may occasionally hear this type of noise from the back of the refrigerator (starts about 15 seconds in): This is the sound of your compressor trying, but failing miserably, to start. Locate the start relay. Dave's Repair Service Several … A PTC relay is a device that is used when the fridge compressor motor starts. Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. Was this article helpful? Sometimes when our refrigerator compressor stop working or not running a problem then we must call a professional to test the compressor or refrigerator. With older equipment, however, there is normally no A fridge compressor makes use of a low-pressure gaseous refrigerant. Find the panel on the side of the compressor.