[ #OO1 … thank god for timeskip haikyuu. White or transparent. View the profiles of people named Alisa Haiba. synopsis: there’s always the speculation about the real score between you and your neighbor, matsukawa issei, but it all boils down with a question that sends you a realization of what you truly feel.. pairing: matsukawa issei/reader. hq boys as dads texts ↱ pairing(s). yachi nodded, the tips of her fingers were touching her lips as she could even taste the cotton candy flavour in her lips ─ i guess she finally got the answer to her question. But the cuts on her hand throb and Miwa relishes in the reminder that this is what she was what she so desperately craved. ↱ NOTES. 77 notes. Good luck, have fun! Short Leash—[Post-timeskip] The Haiba siblings get up to no good with their favorite pet. Sep 02nd 2020 @ 08:19am with 30 notes . Alisa Haiba Icons. hq boys as dads texts...↱ pairing(s). what could anyone say? THIS MUST BE WHAT THRILL FEELS LIKE, DARLING. Could have been my happy ever after. GEN. TAGLIST ─ send an ask to be added on my general taglist. female! contains: bits of curses here and there. | HQ!! Haiba Alisa. miwa kageyama and alisa haiba, Then we have Kageyama saying that Sakusa seems like a rather average player so far, which only serves to make Sakusa even more pissed. About 3 weeks ago. Living like we're in a fairy tale. (??) Haiba Alisa & Yaku Morisuke; Yaku Morisuke; Haiba Lev; Haiba Alisa; kuroo briefly; Crushes; Sexuality Crisis; the haibas are putting poor yaku through hell; Yaku Centric; Denial of Feelings; Alisa is so Good; Summary. the kiss was shorter than your usual kisses but passionate nevertheless; your tender movements and the way you hold yachi made her feel weak in the kneas ─ your grip on her was the only thing that keeps her from her kneas on fully giving up all their strength. kghnshukuen kghnshukuen reblog. “ what flavour of chapstick are you using right now? pspsps @tsukisemi thanks for ur big brain ask yeah

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