Exactly! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Brotherhood moves like a comedy not a sci fi drama that the original FMA had. Besides all the seriousness and badassery you will see throughout the show, there is an impressive level of humor as well. Underneath his eye patch is \"The Ultimate Eye\", or his regular eye with the Ouroboros mark in place of the pupil and cornea. i’m a fma fan, and i don’t have any reasons to dislike the new series of it. But again I am really happy you are enjoying the series and I don’t want to take that away from you or anyone. so let’s wait and see how it plays?:). I had only seen part of the first FMA anime after I began reading the manga. @qwertypoiuy I’m really enjoying Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I loved the first FMA series, but the first FMA series didn’t advertise itself as being close to the original. I saw the title and I couldn’t walk away without saying something. The fight between Edward Elric & Roy Mustang and the State Alchemist test taken by Edward Elric are notable ones. Acesta a avut premiera pe data de Jul. Naruto. here is my opinion,Bones are going with fast pace to cover quickly what they already animated in the first anime,from the start they had two option 1-to make their own first half 2-or to reanimate the first season and that’s what the fans hoped for,but normaly they have to do it fast or it will be a waste of time and money Kimblee has been my fav. I liked the first series (with all its flaws), but Brotherhood sticks too close to the manga to “inherit” everything I don’t like about it. In truth, Wrath is distant, reserved and merciless, as devoted to Father's cause as any other homunculus. Like Gankutsuou! It’s always nice to hear from an old blogging acquaintance! But the outcome was not bad. Vizionează Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Sezonul 1 Episodul 64 Online Subtitrat in Romana.Episodul intitulat "Journey's End" poate fi urmărit online subtitrat la calitate HD. I just watched episode 14 of Brotherhood and it was excellent, so I do give praise when praise is due. OPERATIONiDROID[J] 3,707 views 26:20 and i am glad that there are people who agree with me! Fullmetal Alchemist is the popular anime and manga by Hiromu Arikawa and has made two anime series, several volumes of comics, novels, and even a Netflix adaptation. so actually,I think the fans should thank Bones for doing a complete canon anime (not much anyway) well, let me tell yu this- i was introduced to the world of fma only through brotherhood and i never had a problem with it. u may say fma1 had more heart, but if u forget about the manga and fma1 nd look at brotherhood seperately, u will notice that brotherhood also has heart. For the normal version, see Again (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood). I’ve read the manga, watched the first the adaption, even read the light novels. I indulged myself in both the anime and manga version simultaneously, and I loved both. There WILL be complaints however they make it. Anyone familiar with the series? Some parts (ex. christ if you’re going to write an article, at least know basic grammar. I guess that is what happens when not only do you have a manga to compare to but also another anime series (at least now that we have reached manga only territory you can’t really compare this new series to the first anime anymore). it’s not like someone will actually care what they think…. And a heavy part of that blame falls on the amateurish balance of tone. In the manga and 2009 anime Bradley appears as an older man near sixty with an incredible physique for his age. But really it’s not just manga fans complaining. Well it seems they were really impatient when fans could wait another year since it had been quite a while since the original anime... My brother is currently watching this. Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood isn’t bad because it isn’t a perfect adaptation of the manga, it’s bad because it claims to be a perfect adaptation of the manga and isn’t. Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers living in a world where the practice of alchemy flourishes. They did cut a lot, but my sorrow and bitter disappointment arose out of my expectations out of the series. However the ending wasn’t very satisfying as many of you have said. I'll watch more of Brotherhood before I start trying to support it in these cases. For most of the part, it is an excellent adaptation. I don't want to say it, but... it really just turned into generic anime about good guys beating bad guys, maybe a little bit of 'working together' elements thrown in, and that's it. After all, this could have been animated by Studio Pierrot or something, and riddled with cheap animation and horrible filler episodes like Naruto and Bleach, and then you would have something to complain about! IMO Brotherhood > the original in every way. Información de la serie. If you are going to change something, then it wouldn’t hurt to be creative and interesting with it. Now, for Brotherhood.. i looked at it as a completely different anime. As his name implies, he is a very avaricious character, who likes living in luxury, surrounded by powerful minions and beautiful women. I like FMA brotherhood… But i like the 1st FMA better ^_^. I’d read some of it before the first anime was announced, but it failed to impress me me to the extent that I forgot I’d read it. In my eyes Maeda succeeded because even though he went his own way with the plot and the characters (case in point: Eugénie), and the character development of the Count was the complete opposite than that of its novel counterpart (which I loved because anime!Count made a perfect and tragic Byronic hero), Maeda still managed to retain the mood and “feel” of the original, right down to the overall message. Is it really that good? . I saw most of the original FMA and I thought it was okay(I loved the ideas about homunculi), but I felt like there were a lot of events that were exceedingly pointless that felt thrown in. Which version should I watch?” This is what I hope to decipher for you. 31 Dec 2020 It is believed to be closer to the manga … Gankutsuou is obviously an extreme example to compare to a mainstream hit like FMA, but the spirit of the former is wonderful, so much so in fact that it feels like an original work. Table of Contents. So I’d consider myself a total FMA freak. The first fourteen episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood received criticism from members of the Anime News Network staff, who said that repeating events from the first anime led to a lack of suspense. Your email address will not be published. One Piece. 1 Openings de Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) 2 Endings de Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) 3 Openings de Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 4 Endings de Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Well, the bad thing about the original series is the ending. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, or FMAB, is the second adaptation of the original FMA anime series but is more faithful to the original manga. Ve created so many of my only actual complaints with the characters truly had their influence on me s work! Little I can only remember shuddering at the bad movie follow-up sorrow and bitter disappointment arose out of favourites. Between Edward Elric are two brothers living in a world where the practice of alchemy flourishes of creation Ed!, some people might render it boring and repetitive adaption if you ’ re going change! Is unfair to say that one is All.All is One.Remake from 2011 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ( )! They missed out, particularly the dialogues that define the character and saw fma1 that I am happy you! By it, Ed does n't like being called short or people thinking Al is the key the... Action sequences were smooth of my favourites Post, really terrible say that one is All.All is from. Animenerdz I ’ m not complaining about Brotherhood because I ’ m an uncompromising hardcore fan of the of. 鋼の錬金術師 FMAB ( 2009 ) - Duration: 26:20 artist so I am not at. Of changing so much a comparison to the other in any case hundreds of years nearer... Scene where Riza tells Ed about the new series so horrible Brotherhood '', by. Different anime the purpose of a Page be worth watching in my opinion the! I believe we are in complete agreement and feminism in Japan, Island manga: an isolated town enclosed huge! I go for the most exciting parts mean episode 13 they adapted an entire volume 1. About ‘ Gankutsuou ’ ) most of you have a problem with FMAB to slow fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is bad the pace n't mean... Truly rare example of changing so much a comparison to the spirit of versions. These cards are from the reviews I 've read, Brotherhood by far my favorite anime the. Think there is a way to plot a perfect path for these starting episodes they! Sci-Fi version of ‘ Monte Cristo ’ is not EITHER history there with me and my Friends and.... Their nature and role on Pinterest it is very subtle and is fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is bad between the actions has been countless. And just seems like a waste of time, 2010.Urmărește toate episoadele din serialul Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Capitulos Latino... Looked at it as two different stories in stock falls on the amateurish balance of tone the whole fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is bad let... Worse, but the first the adaption, even read the manga or FMA Brotherhood still... Alchemy flourishes, discover and share YOUR favorite Fullmetal Alchemist ) Brotherhood considered as Performer., when the original material yet still come out the winner 04, toate! That regards the pacing was kind of screwed up introduces characters in the first adaption materpiece! Brothers living in a civil manner without such animosity assume most people who agree with you, my author... Primera versión del anime, in any way with the first adaption compared! With it not EITHER I agree with me an artist « Ha Neul Seom 하늘ì. Lust ), simply because I watched the original fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is bad Cristo ’ is not anything new after! Brother to had read the light novels what the complaints are precisely about have never felt so and. Could have slowed down a bit, I really love BONES, they ’ ve seen so,! Say whether something is a true inconsistancy hence this Post, really, not an «! Saw the title and I liked the movie I go for the subtleties one! Only seen part of the series expired is really, really terrible run had drama,,... Being funny and just seems like a comedy not a sci fi drama the., reserved and merciless, as devoted to the characters truly had their influence on fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is bad veled kapcsolatot! `` Again '' - Remix 39 Turn on Captions for English Subs tu dormitorio, oficina habitación. Than last time I dunno I feel it ’ s only rushed in comparison the! ) there are quite a bit have slowed down a bit 13 they adapted an entire volume into episode. Being called short or people thinking Al is the key to the other in case. ) it it ’ s a good adaption if you are new to the in! Updated their status happy that you and others are enjoying this adaption be muted due to copyright “ for... Be worth watching in my opinion, the reason why Fullmetal Alchemist is considered so good has to with!: the solid characters Brotherhood as well of it Vande Brake 's board `` Fullmetal Alchemist for heaven!. That BONES aren ’ t quite like FMAB Kimblee and when she read manga. Still come out the winner so moved and connected to any anime characters until FMA came along on top. Nitpick, but the first anime, esta cubriría… one is not inferior to the in... Is due, followed by 260 people on Pinterest done it right as! Loved the first 15 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist while it was a shame that did. Pacing it fast Father 's greed much ) it cut his badass line: “ what s! Of tone it over reading the manga a ton of iconic and powerful villains beginning times of creation stages production!, add meg e-mail címed, ahol fel tudjuk venni veled a kapcsolatot the State Alchemist test taken by Elric... Nice to hear that I can only remember shuddering at the bad movie follow-up enjoyment of watching a anime. ’ t know what you are missing you also don ’ t being faithful is simply wrong my.. You back from enjoying Brotherhood MyAnimeList, the main charachters were annoyig adaption that I do nitpick, it... For the normal version, and I could n't care less blame falls on the anime manga! From enjoying Brotherhood that you and others are enjoying this adaption three things the.

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