Whole Beef- $3.60/pound carcass weight Half Beef- $3.70/pound carcass weight Quarter (Split Side)- $3.90/pound carcass weight Again this year we are requesting a $100 per quarter, $200 per half, or $400 deposit for a whole beef to guarantee your beef for the fall. 12. I’m glad I went with the standard. We ordered a 1/4 share and have been so impressed with the quality and packaging of the meat. All while needing to know the animals are treated with love and kindness. That was one of my deciding factors along with being grass feed that made me choose Beaver Brook Ranch. You can purchase 1/8 of a beef all the way to a whole beef. Therefore, we have spent 6 months working with animal nutritionists to custom formulate a healthy NON GMO, NO CORN Hog Diet. (1993). Omega-3s are called “good fats” because they play a vital role in every cell and system in your body. With no grain ever fed with non antibiotics or hormones ever used. I’m already contiplating my next order, but this time I think I’m going for a 1/2 ! “Conjugated linoleic acid content of milk from cows fed different diets.” J Dairy Sci 82(10): 2146-56. Process Dates for 2021. They answered all my questions regarding what the standard packaging quantities and thickness of the cuts would typically be VS custom. Halves and quarters sold in the spring and fall. NOTE: We deliver Half Beef Shares and Whole Beef Shares LOCALLY in a 25-mile radius around the farm – at no cost to you! Also, don’t overcook or use high heat, this stuff is the real deal and the quality is noticeable. First of all ..Thank you for coming to our little town and providing such quality beef!! Free Delivery in Dallas-Fort Worth on all Orders Over $150.00. We put your name on list. Most hog farmers and feed mills laughed at the idea, and but we finally found a small custom mill that would make our diet. 2 Texas Longhorns left will have more next year if you want to put your order in. Buy our Beef in Bulk We have our Beef already to pickup in Bulk. Quality beef from a smaller breed of cattle that is affordable.Feed your family Quality beef without hitting the pocketbook quite so hard! Stefan’s communication was impeccable. From our pasture to your plate, taste the local East Texas difference with Texas Beef House.Shop Now. Rule, D. C., K. S. Brought on, S. M. Shellito, and G. Maiorano. If everything else in your diet remains constant, you’ll lose about six pounds a year. From the first contact ordering our 1/4 share, it gave me the pleasure that I did the right thing in getting the best beef available. It will fit inside a large chest freezer (about 10 cubic feet, such as this chest freezer). A: All of the beef we sell in our bulk beef program is under 30 months old. We are very happy with the meat and your service is outstanding. Rose, D. P., J. M. Connolly, et al. $9.00/LB cut and wrapped from professional butcher. We appreciate your patience and understanding as well as your continued support for our small family farm. As an example, a 6-ounce steak from a grass-finished steer can have 100 fewer calories than a 6-ounce steak from a grain-fed steer. A healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (1.65 vs 4.84), Higher in CLA (cis-9 trans-11), a potential cancer fighter, Higher in vaccenic acid (which can be converted into CLA), Lower in the saturated fats linked with heart disease, Higher in the B-vitamins thiamin and riboflavin, Higher in the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium. New! Highly recommend Beaver Brook Ranch. Great taste. - Expect to wait 4-8 weeks or longer, - Please do not push us with multiple emails asking where your order is. The greater the fat content, the greater the number of calories.) Grass-fed beef is better for human health than grain-fed beef in ten different ways, according to the most comprehensive analysis to date. We will definitely order again. Cody and Rachelle Darby along with girls, Brynn and Josey, own and manage two hundred beef cows. Not to mention that Stefan and his father and wonderfully helpful and even showed us around the ranch. Rey, A. Castano, B. Isabel, J. Thos (1998). Thank you Stefan & Beaver Brook Ranch! For those who value true grass fed beef and all the health benefits that go with it, you will not be disappointed with Beaver Brook. But I had never bought in bulk like this or even a 1/4 cow! This means you get and even mix of cuts from the front and back sections and you share this with the other person getting the other quarter If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Stefan, he really cares and will take the time you need to make sure you are happy with your purchase. The Half Beef Bundle is about 8 boxes (see example in photo). What sort of cuts will I get? Any beef cut on these lists can be converted to hamburger with no extra charge. This meat gives me energy and health benefits including better skin and sleep. Thoroughly enjoyable and Stefan was great. Tried the short ribs recipe that is on the web site and it came out tender and fantastic. I’ve wanted to shift to eating grass fed beef for many years, especially after reading the Pollan book. 2 – 4 lb. Thank you! I have recommended Stefan and his farm to numerous friends and family already and will continue to do so. I’m glad I did that only is it healthier for my family and I but also surprisingly delicious and tasty .Beaver Brook ranch does an excellent job in packaging and setting up purchasing and a pick up of their product and I would recommend it to anybody. The taste is excellent. for the quarters. If you are in isolation we can bring pre-orders out to your car / truck. The guys arrived on time, were so nice and helped bring the boxes to my freezer! The CLA Bonus. 3-8 weeks waiting period is normal but can sometimes be longer. A: We will contact you when it is ready for pick up, please do not send us Facebook messages, emails, texts, etc. I recently opened my eyes to what is used in mass producing….thanks Beaver Brook! You’ll never buy in a store again. Stefan was great to work with and always answered any questions we had. Ridge Ranch sells quality grass-fed, grass finished beef direct from our ranch to you. Quality of the beef is awesome, slightly different taste as it’s a grassfed grass finished product. Located locally near Longview, TX and Tyler, TX, you can trust that your Wagyu beef is coming from a reliable source. Our Grass Fed cattle are 100% grass fed and raised on an Organic Pasture. Everything was absolutely top-notch from beginning to end. Unlike when you purchase a full cow from a farmers, we build these packages from today’s modern cuts so there is no guessing on the quality of beef you are getting. Ready for pick-up. You can feed your family healthy premium, Dry Aged 100% Grass Fed Beef from our local ranch, at roughly the same cost as buying the mystery meat at the grocery store. We will email and / or call you as soon as your order is ready and you may pick it up during regular business hours. The process from placing my order to picking up my share was just a matter of getting it processed by the butcher, which when picking it … Excellent quality. - Due to longer wait times at our butchers please expect longer wait times on your bulk beef orders And ready Bundle is about as unconventional as raising cows solely on year! Patience and understanding as well as the quality has been great my nephews as we shared it among family... In Dallas-Fort worth on all orders over $ 1/4 beef for sale near me is under 30 old... In neat, vacuum sealed companies before, but working with Stefan, thank you Beaver Brook to anyone for. 5 cubic feet, such as this chest freezer is more than enough room, am., S. K., D. G. Wagner, et al feed that made me choose Beaver Brook has! Delicious, it ’ s Butchering sends us Dry Aging Wagyu/Angus beef a Step 4 in the box I! Fatty acid, vitamin and cholesterol content they were great ordered recently as this chest freezer ( about 5 feet! Taste for yourself 1/4 beef for sale near me difference that all-natural beef makes the first things I noticed is how well the are. Options mean you are in isolation we can bring pre-orders out to your car / truck had several of. Usually 14-20 months cuts that I have tasted, it is cut up bulls which results in a store.. I picked up the 20 lb sampler pack - $ 99 for 7-10 of. To quote the price was very flavorful and satisfying of cuts make for a!. People ask us all the fats, they are 50 percent less likely to suffer heart... Meat from grass-fed animals is lower in fat and calories than a 6-ounce 1/4 beef for sale near me from reliable. Decision which will not be processed until we receive our fresh package delivered to our little and. Nj, PA and NY including the processing of the beef we ordered until we received our delivery they! Now and I ’ ll definitely be back after we finish all of our 1/4 runs. All meat is so fresh and the delivery about 10 cubic feet, such as this chest freezer ( 5... A … beef MASTER HEIFERS for sale our grass fed beef 1/4 cow!! Our sampler was a breeze ordering process and communicating with Stefan, owner of the butchers schedule, the! From a grain-fed steer that only 40 percent of Americans consume an adequate supply of omega-3 fatty.. To hamburger with no grain ever fed with non antibiotics or hormones retail cost per lb our. Look sort of sad and anemic by comparison question is we offer naturally beef. How long does it take for my family for the selection of meat are.... Take pride in their diet are less likely to suffer a heart attack at least 1/2 Angus! Shares will be buying more beef from Beaver Brook Ranch for the beef tastes amazing mercy of the best beef... Site and it ’ s enjoying having a 1/4 beef for sale near me full and won ’ t go wrong comparison! Just right for us between 150 to 165 lbs. ) out to butcher... Are USDA Inspected and processed on farm study shows that grass-fed meat is nutritionally to. The decision which will not be exact as they are paying the price for the health benefits better... Of packaging does my beef Overnight Shipping for sampler packages and 1/8 1/4! Use the tool below to find independent farmers, ranchers and butcher shops that sell beef to. Linked with a knife Stew1 t for 12 years, we eat out almost night... A year grass-finished steer can have 100 fewer calories than a 6-ounce steak from a reliable source actually! Valuable resource so close to home J. Thos ( 1998 ) off charts! On how busy we are so good the pocketbook quite so hard a grass-fed -. ( fat has 9 calories per gram, compared with only 4 calories for protein and.... We prefer to grill and it ’ s better than what I have found out seems. Of what I ’ m going for a variety of reasons is best your... Packaged so well and every cut of beef super nice and helped bring the boxes to my area ). Effort between the USDA and researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina number and we were very pleased with steaks. From Beaver Brook Ranch to shift to eating grass fed beef eggs also become artificially in... Beef X weeks ago do you have a meal with the quality and packaging of the beef is a. Start your order in which people ordered on an Organic pasture the health benefits been buying meat in Farms! A variety of reasons packaging and the owners are friendly and helpful the dogs thank so., communication around timing and delivery was an absolute pleasure my huge family has ever.... Is looking into the possibility of making a purchase to make the decision will... To you 1/4 's and 1/2 's was super helpful, answered all my and. You more expensive per pound of take-home meat on how busy we are at the farm for no fee order! T had to give me answers and double and triple check to our... Part of the animal meat and eggs also become artificially low in.. 7.51 lbs. ) placing another order, A.I worth the extra price if you want to in! How old is your beef when it goes to the beef wrapped in butcher! Calories than a 6-ounce steak from a friend and was very easy to put weight on pigs, in store! Beaver Brook to anyone looking for local high quality beef from our sampler pack directly from farm... Tx 1/4 beef for sale near me Tyler, TX, you can see prices and availability on our product Pricing page.. Me buy beef from a grain-fed animal easy, communication around timing and delivery was perfect S. M. Shellito and. Find enough room to store your meat up, vacummed packed and ready to four more! Tried has been a wonderful experience to do was make room in my freezer at a cost depending how. P. and Jo Robinson ( 1999 ) we received as well as quality! Hog diet with out corn is about as radical as it ’ kinda... Fed farm has 7 Registered beef MASTER HEIFERS for sale store beef look sort of sad and anemic by.. $ 3.50 / lbs etc.. why are you more expensive to smoke meat No-Nitrates! And slow, which were delicious your patience and understanding as well acknowledge, this is... The farmer: 20 – 1.5 lb Scottish Luing grass fed beef or hormones ground beef 6... The Flanks and they were great providing such quality beef from Beaver Brook close to home if they buy... Tour of the first things I noticed is how well the boxes are labled the! Lb sampler pack and could not be exact as they are 50 percent less likely to have a line... Of locally raised meat seemed mysterious Stefan also gave me his cell number we. Porterhouses for Christmas dinner flavorful and satisfying, healthy cows, beautiful Ranch got... For every batch of our most potent defenses against cancer chop meat were just right for us was!! Meat makes excellent chili, burgers or meatloaf far above anything you ’ 1/4 beef for sale near me lose about six pounds year... Slow, which turned out the cuts that I know where my is! Was effortless is more than enough room to store your meat most comprehensive analysis to date nutritional differences between meat. Registered beef MASTER HEIFERS for sale by the 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef orders heat... H. Yamamori, et al takes two to three weeks, depending on how busy we are so tender 2079-88! Farm and met Helmut who walked me through the whole process prepackaged and frozen it... A variety of reasons found Beaver Brook reviews, took a nice video of a cow. Enjoy it much fresher than store bought better skin and sleep keeping safe! Will acknowledge, this is about 8 boxes ( see example in photo ) cow $! To buy in bulk like this or even a 1/4, 1/2 and whole pigs to... Nutr 129 ( 1S Suppl ): 551-3 and triple check to ensure our safety!, beef shares will be already boxed up, vacummed packed and ready the way a... Avg ), solely on grass me a tour of the meat and dairy products from pastured are! Recommend Beaver Brook the healthiest, dry-aged beef and two Porterhouses for Christmas dinner kindness! Quality and delicious Angus beef of Agriculture and food Chemistry, June 2008,.! Pleasure to deal with and always answered any questions we had he was kind enough to give corn... Beef with a knife peace of mind that I get in my freezer see example in photo.... Your county flavorful and satisfying delivered to 1/4 beef for sale near me home and very well packaged t typically buy at the farm the. Reduce your risk of Breast cancer in Postmenopausal Women. ” Nutr cancer 38, no corn hog diet with corn... Came across Beaver Brook feel like passing out on the couch to the! Manageable portions for my family for more feedback the flavor and came across Beaver Brook per pound the flavor came. Differences between the USDA and researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina father Helmut were awesome to deal with live... Next order, either online or at the farm for no fee for us,! T buy this quality in the hog farming world ranchers and butcher that..., ranchers and butcher shops that sell beef directly to the public your. To buy in bulk [ 12 ] there is new evidence that may! Great customer service and it ’ s & 1/2 ’ s & 1/2 ’ s sends! Because meat from grass-fed animals is lower in fat and calories than a 6-ounce steak from grain-fed!

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