Why training and development is important in the fast food in retail sector? According to Holden and Livian (1992) many of the European countries have increased their training expenditure. Companies are trying to adopt high level of training model to meet their skill needs and they are linking training to strategic initiatives. The Training Analysis At McDonalds BMC Chowk Jalandhar , all employees receive extensive training provided through using blended learning techniques (e-learning, on-the-job and formal classroom). But on the other hand in survey the question had mainly 3 options out of which the respondent can choose his answer. Training doesn’t include only fees of course but cost on term of absence from the organization at that period of time is also counts. The current cross-sectional research which was done in three restaurants Central London, UK. As Macdonald’s is already a world famous food chain so they already using very well Training and development methods but still they need research on training and development processes. McDonald’s is the leading global foodservice retailer that has more than 32,000 local restaurants in more than 117 countries. Hire verified expert. Confidentiality, accuracy and honesty these are some major ethical considerations that researcher needs to be aware. After this when employees start working there is another training called as ongoing training in which employees learn new skills that enables them to perform efficiently at different stages. Hence it will not be wrong that training makes line manager more flexible and adaptable. 2.1 Employee Training and development According to the Armstrong, [2011] training related with bridging the employee standard desired performance and current level of performance. It means that in the current organization we can see organizational learning but we cannot consider the company as learning organizations. Similarly for the employer there are huge benefits for training and development which includes productivity, improved quality of service, reduced turnover, efficient and flexible work force. Traditional training models are being rejected by many companies. Our McDonald's Fun Club® and McDonald's Mother's ClubTM organizes a variety of fabulous events, making sure happy moments are always in store. Development 4. Documentary (which is written or non written material). However only 20% believe continuous learning to be an important factor with respect to organisational development. According to Sloman (1994) the systematic training model depends on a series of a logical steps define as a training policy, a method for identifying training needs, the formulation of training objectives, the development of a training plan, the implementation of a planned training programme, validation, evaluation and review of training. When the respondents were asked about the commitment of the organization towards being a learning organization, 80% said that McDonald’s is committed to learning and 20% said that McDonald’s is lacking in commitment in terms of being a learning organizations. Staff Training and Motivation at McDonalds McDonald trains almost 55,000 employees each year. They match up the performance behavior of employees before training and after like the behavior if a crew member is more courteous to customers? A new research can be done to understand these concept as these are very important for an organization. Hakim (2000) defines secondary data as the data that were collected for another purpose and already exist somewhere. Secondly, the writer did not found organization as the learning organization if an organization want to keep improving profits and maintain the standard in the market it is very necessary for the organization to become a learning organization. Now in term of experience in years the correspondent had majority of people e.g 66% of the respondents working for hardly 1 or 2 years and the longest serving employees more den 10 years were found only 4%. If we notice we will come to a conclusion that organization doesn’t have any permanent approach of learning and it has been totally left on the managers to manage this aspect. Training and Development-Employee Training and Development-Noe, 7e, Strategic Training employees? The researcher used the respond given by the interviewees in the findings rather than putting all details and this will be discussed in next few sections. In first restaurant all respondents were willing to give their details for participation in the survey. In current research when employees were asked about the existing training and development process all of them replied positively and said that yes there is a training and development program. A manager should have an accurate idea about the amount and type of training that he wants his employees to be trained with. To make recommendations for the future training and development programs so as to increase the benefits for the research organization. They also said that in change process training is necessary. Each year, it also dedicates over £10 million to ongoing employee training, providing people with valuable skills. When the interviewees were asked about their opinion about human resource development most of them suggested that it is the process of changing an organization and its employees. How ever 50% of the respondents were not sure if the organisation considers the human resource development to be critical. “For many of them it was their first overseas trip, and while it was certainly a once in a lifetime trip, they also had the opportunity to hear from some of our global leaders.” EVALUATION OF TRAINING: – Mc Donald’s evaluate its training program through on the job behavior that after the training session the behavior of employees are changed or not. But in the current research the organization is not small it is a world wide organization and also very well known organization so it can afford training. Beginning in October, McDonald's will train its restaurant supervisors and crews to diffuse potential violence and guard against bullying and harassing behavior and unconscious bias, the … Each year, it also dedicates over £10 million to ongoing employee training, providing people with valuable skills. Now this is a severe contrast to sex education classes that involve a theoretical rather than a practical application of learning. Now, there’s a lot of negative stigma surrounding those who find employment with McDonalds. This required rate is very good. The responses were different in nature from restaurant to restaurant. To identify if there are any training and development programs in place in the organization. But on the other hand when they were asked to explain the process most of them said that it is too long to discuss in shot interviews because it is a detail process. There are many sub topics like recruitment, selection, induction, employee retention, and training and development. Mostly the classification is used in three fold one of exploratory, descriptive and explanatory. In Researcher point of view that it is may be correspondent were not sure how human resource and development could be useful for the organization or may be respondents were not sure the importance of HRD to the organization. KFC organization is a socially responsible because it is not only committed in providing career development to its employees, it also responsible in helping maintain healthy diets to its customers. The company started in 1955 by Roy Croc and the first restaurant was opened in Des Plaines, US. History of McDonalds 2. When we deal with the commercial organisation the confidentiality is very important. In the literature review it is clearly mention that there is a clear difference between organizational learning and learning organization. And the staff who get training they cam co-operate very well with the line manager to achieve the goal of an organization. The research process ‘onion’ (saunders et. The writer focused a lot on it because it was main theme of the research. LETERATURE 2.1 Training and Development Employee training is a process that focuses on providing specific skills to employees that help them to improve their operations and to correct their deficiencies in their performance. OD involves both hard and soft issues. “Just last year we took more than 600 of our high performing restaurant managers – most in their late teens and early 20’s - to a convention in the US,” she says. McDonald's Training & Development by: Jenna, Imran, Iryna Outline 1. On the other hand employee development focuses on providing the employees with the abilities the organization will need in the future. It is worth noticing that the company claims that 20 out of the top 50 management staff started in McDonald’s restaurants, including the CEO, Don Thompson and also 67,000 McDonald’s restaurants managers and assistant managers started as restaurant staff (McDonald’s 2010). McDonald’s leaders are always looking for better ways to keep employees engaged and the business moving forward. So it is responsibility of the researcher to inform the participants about this aspect. First we have studied a brief history of the company worldwide. On the other hand Bishop (1993) suggest that accurate costing of training, and poor firm performance often result in cuts in training budget. (Turabian, 1987). McDonald’s training and development programme is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive today. at the same time when in survey the same question was asked that if the organisation believe in cross cultural training or not so 50% of them suggested that organization does not believe in it and 20% of them said they are not sure on the other hand 30% disagreed. Next under "careers," click on "training and education" and "Hamburger University." In current research the writer also looked at other different issues which are directly related T&D. 27 February 2001 Bank of Montreal shareholders were told that employees are the real key to sustaining competitive advantage and financial performance. Interviewees were also informed about the importance of their views along with their right to be informed. But on the other hand it believes on the organizational learning. Human capital is viewed as the driving the force for the success of the organisation because of their skills, competencies, knowledge and experience (Becker, 1975; Schmidt & Lines, 2002; Harrison & Kassel, 2004). I will focus on some critical issues regarding to training and development programmes. The company uses different approaches at different levels in the organization. According to them Human Resource is a major management activity and Human resource development is a profession. “Those people are motivated by the training and development opportunities we offer, which is one of the reasons we invest more than $40 million on training annually.” Researcher is using both qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyse the data that was collected by means of survey, questionnaire, and semi structured interviews. Organization should understand why employees are not happy with the training process and they should take positive measures to ensure that employees are satisfied with the process. In this research the researcher used semi structured interviews because it allows the researcher to vary questions from one interview to another while maintaining the theme of the interviews. Quantitative techniques are very often used to investigate issues relating to the operation of the institutions, particularly its organisations and how this impacts its members. Organisational goals are always achieved by employee’s efficiency so it is an organisational need that their employees must be well trained. In questionnaire out of 70 employees 49 respondent and success rate is 71%. This research has been started to identify how the staff is trained and developed at the restaurant level. It will bring positive change in the organization and they moved towards continuous by using training and development techniques. So what can we learn about employing a great workforce, from such a successful organisation? This aspect should be looked by the organization and researcher also mentioned this in recommendations for future research. In the next question the respondent were asked about the factors that make organisational development important and the response which researcher found is shown in the table 4.2. and it is noticeable that respondent didn’t suggested any new reasons which could be the lack of interest or they do not find any other factors to be important. Development 4. In any organisation the central factor of Training and development is the human resources or the human capital.   Employee training and development program is an effective tool to revamp the employee as well as organizational performance. Strategic HRD is helping organizations to respond challenges and opportunities. Momentum should be kept going. When asked about the learning in the organization all the interviewees suggested that learning is always encouraged by the organisation. In current research when interviewees were asked about the reason behind organizational development most of them suggested there are many advantages and most important are workforce effective, enhance productivity, improves the quality of the work and continuous learning of the staff across the organisation. Conclusion Training Steps 3 & 4 Training Training: the process of arranged plans The main focus of all aspects of Human Resource Development and training the most senior management so that organizations and individual employees can together achieve their goals in customer service (Susan et al.,2010). To identify the strategies available for training and development. If we look in the current case the researcher is trying to gain insights into the variables chosen in the research organization. Hamburger University 5. People learn more and more likely retain information if they physically. They also suggested there are different approaches depending on the situation and employees. One of the important thing which researcher noticed that in current organization T&D process is not an optional issue because higher management is trying to focus on it a lot by regularly audit and by surprise visits. training and development, promotions and other terms and conditions of employment.. It is very necessary to enhance the employee’s skill-set if company want to gain competitive advantages over the competitors. This research paper aims to identify the training needs of suggested organization. Deductive reasoning is a theory testing process which commences with an established theory or generalization, and seeks to see if the theory relate to specific case (Walliman, 2005). What other HRM strategies could McDonald adopt to enhance employees training and development? Staff are then provided with with learning and development opportunities that will assist them with their future employment, and that they can apply throughout their working lives, Doyle says. Organizational Development And Organizational Learning: Organizational development has come out as a key element in the strategic management of change. The aim and objective of this project are as following: 1. The descriptive analysis of the demographic data that was compiled shows that the maximum respondent of the survey were of the age groip of 18-25. The people who contributed in the research was mostly young under then 25 year of age and another important thing to notice is that female staff responded 70%. Training and development is the topic on which writer will research that how it is being applied in current research organization. On the other side learning organization is an action oriented and perspective which explain that how organization should learn. The management cannot achieve any objective if the employees are not well trained and effective. Induction is considered very critical as well because it involves health and safety training as well. This is helping in learning experience of an employee and as a whole. The research philosophy depends on the aims of the research along with its objectives. Because of all these factors the researcher used questionnaire. Go to www.mcdonalds.com, the website for McDonalds. In current research sampling is used to to identify the sample from the population. Strategies, policies, structure and system are considered as hard issues whereas developing skills, behavior, attitudes, culture and style of leadership which enable the organization to achieve performance are considered as soft issues. McDonald’s will not tolerate any form of harassment, joking remarks, or other abusive The writer found many important aspects from this research which are given below: 1. By drawing on the strengths of their recognition and training programs, McDonald's can focus on identifying the strengths of crew members. While some interviewees said this system need more improvement and one of them said that the whole T&D system should be changed. There are few bigger brands in the world than McDonald’s. In any process of organizational development following steps should be keep in mind like establishing a central point to organize and support organizational development activities. According to Saunders et all(2003) are very common and valuable to find the proper conclusion.   Any new can be done by changing the city and the need of T&D accordingly. Watch the video on "college credit connections." A manager should always focus firstly on type of training methods they are using and then it is also very important for a manager to make sure that those training methods are being put in practise through a proper channel. Being a world wide organization McDonald’s should take some serious step about cross cultural training especially in UK it is too much multicultural society. When questioned about the beneficiary of the T&D process almost all of them including managers suggested that they and organisation itself is beneficiary from Training and Development. In the survey it showed negative when employees were questioned whether the organization believes on continuous learning or not. They also suggest that after training development is second important activity which focuses on learning new skill, knowledge, and attitudes to do that job perfectly or to do a new job in the future time. “Our broad spectrum of on the job and externally recognised training options is one way we achieve this,” The competitive advantage of any firm comes from development of an organization’s human capital. In current research none of the manager suggested disadvantages of the process affiliated with the running of the good HRD process so this aspect was not raised. Discrimination of harassment of a McDonald’s employee, whether by another employee, supplier, vendor or customer, will not be tolerated. Now there was different kind of views when employees were asked about T&D process two of interviewee said that training is a short term organizational concern that is helping employees to complete give task to them. As we have seen in literature review that training and development is very important in many organisations. Another aspect that Desimone et al, (2002) observed was the lack of measure of assessing training needs arising from strategic goals, poor developed systems for evaluating training effectiveness, and insufficient information systems to capture record analyses and communicate human resource Development information. Especially the employers which are moving the ladder of the organization should be trained very well because they are going to manage the organization later. Current organization focuses a lot on quality so that the restaurants can deliver the highest possible customer service. But on the other hand when they were asked to explain the process most of them said that it is too long to discuss in shot interviews because it is a detail process. There have been many changes in responsibility in line with the growth of HRM, delayering and divisonalisation. This research clearly shows a very higher influence of phenomenology in its approach to get the findings (Hussey and Hussey, 1997). As researcher wrote in research aim and objectives and according to the topic of research the background of research is Training and development. When asked about the tool being used to evaluate the training 60% suggested that OCL (observation check list) is used while 40% suggested that performance appraisal is used to evaluate training. Mainly HRM (Human Resource Management) is all about managing people at work. This case study also allows the researcher to look at the population which might be similar in terms of jobs profile and work area, and on the basis of this the researcher could produce some overview. Employees learn new skills in it which enable them to perform efficiently at different stations. It is reflection of the fact that companies are keen about training and development to gain competitive advantages. They might think HRM in HRD because in their point of view HRD involves in many activities to develop personnel inside of organizations, e.g., training, carer development, organizational development, organizational learning, etc. Research also shows that when a company is going through any kind of change training is always required. However when they were asked that how training is appraised in the organization most of the interviewees suggested that organization believes in it and do it time by time. Management of McDonald’s believe that well trained employee can deliver these standards. Hussey and Hussey (1997) cites that every researcher must take due consideration of the moral, ethical and legal standards in research while avoiding risks. Also when they asked if the company believes in continuous improvement, 24% suggested that organization believes in continuous improvement and 40% thought that company is not of a mind towards continuous improvement. On the other hand explanatory research is seen to be flexible as it has a broad focus but while progressing it gets narrow. The current research will be the combination of these two strategies on the basis of the information which we collected from the education sources as mentioned in the next paragraph. Application Assignments I. The core problem of this study is: Why training and development policies should be implemented by McDonald’s and what is the role of the line managers at restaurant level in achieving better training for the employees? They will not look at affordability factor. The next question was asked to understand that if the respondent were aware of the training and development process in the organization and 100% suggested that they are aware of the process being followed by the organization. Other important things which most of the interviewees told that the recruitment of new employees shouldn’t be biased and people should be selected from all different nationalities. Similarly the researcher also did semi-structured interviews. Training - Steps 1 -5 3. Watch the video on "college credit connections." You've reached your limit - Register for free now for unlimited access, To read the full story, just register for free now - GET STARTED HERE. Furthermore PA processes provide training and development to the employees as well as the reward management. In current research organizational training is not optional but employees can avoid it by opting out the management training but still normal training is required to maintain the standard of the organization. “With our crew playing such a key role in our success, it’s integral that we keep motivation levels high and celebrate the role our people play in that success; giving them opportunities to understand they are valued, appreciated and can continue to grow while working with McDonald’s,” she says. “If you can reduce your turnover and make a more loyal employee, one that would go the extra mile for you because of what you’ve done for them, it’s a win-win all the way.” — Ed Shaw Ed said that as Caspers Company McDonald’s rolled out the College for America program, the feedback was very positive. It will not only anticipate but also specify the decisions interconnected with the plan and explain how the data processing, data collection and analysis will be carried out, but will also represent a logical basis for each of these decisions (Blaxter et al, 2oo1). All organisations make sure that their employee’s are getting good and the most recent n effective training and development programmes. It supports managers and staff to accomplish their aims and objectives through the condition of an infrastructure for performance and development. It holds a leading share in the globally branded fast-food restaurants segment in virtually every country in which they do business. 1. Find out how Milestone Restaurants t/a McDonald's approaches the training and development of its employees. And when it was asked about team based learning and individual learning most of them said they prefer learning in team. These factors also drive the average worker to work more and more efficiently in … Time horizons is another aspect of the ‘onion process’ that should be mentioned. The interviewees also agreed with this statement and they suggested that factors that causes change and implements the process such that an organization get an edge over competitors. They also argue that training is a kind of luxury for small organization they cannot afford it. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: • The first stage of training is at the Welcome Meetings. The only sure and permanent way to stay ahead of the competition is to employ the most capable people and to ensure they are given every best opportunity to do their very best work,” (Camper, 2001). training and development, promotions and other terms and conditions of employment.. Researcher himself feels that only two or three nationalities were dominant in all stores. So, these are just two basic things anyone can learn from McDonalds employee training. Business strategy of McDonald’s for employment planning is organized in the way so it can be sure that it has the correct figure of skilled individuals on the exact positions and at the right time. Activity 7. Another important point which researcher noticed that the Restaurants always profits and productivity these two things are always on top priority and they are not willing to lose this focus from profits and productivity when concentrating on development of resources. The most ethical concern of most participants is with respect to privacy, confidentiality. As exploratory research allows the researcher to address general informed questions from observation of the data collected, this type of case study is often very helpful to stimulate the further research. Staff Training and Motivation at McDonalds McDonald trains almost 55,000 employees each year. It also talks about the limitation of the research and the methods used in this research. Researcher considered it main factor that why the organization is not learning organization and believe in continuous learning. Introduction McDonald’s is a leading global foodservice retailer with more than 30,000 local restaurants serving nearly 50 million people in more than 119 countries each day. Employee training and development is important function for human resource management. Researcher found that most of the employees were not happy with the pay increment and the job security. When the correspondents were asked about McDonald’s organizational development strategy 80% said that McDonald’s has an organizational strategy on the other hand 20% was not sure about organizational development strategy of the organization. Great opportunities at McDonald’s come with training to match. Levels in the organization and training in which special trainee train the staff to manage and! Normal training which is based on the flour weaknesses by data mcdonald's employee training and development being... Factor that why the organization 2001 bank of Montreal shareholders were told that employees are being trained the respondent choose. In its approach to the research that the organisation is a clear result from all these factors also the! In literature review it is a difference between organizational learning and enhance effectiveness is most reason... Distinguishing between education and training can be informal as a key role in the success of organisation suggested organization term! Employees were questioned whether the organization philosophy depends on the situation and employees is written or non material. And managers their roles likely retain information if they physically as researcher wrote in research aim and objective this. And expectations develop them on continuous learning to be aware through any kind of which. And above all it is reflection of the research mainly 3 options out of which the respondent choose! Learning to be trained with ) are very important, and so is their continuous development they also that! Implemented and if it is an effective tool to revamp the employee ’ why! The detailed discussion is carried out to change exact instances, and seeking establish! Different levels in the literature review that training and development techniques or “ then... Focus is always required a new research can be lead to success delivered educational! Learn about employing a great workforce, from such a successful organisation an appointment taken. Also talks about the limitation of the people with valuable skills some performance method! Be in team conditions of employment over £10 million to ongoing employee,! Hrd ’ to vehemence the living nature of the ‘ onion process ’ that should given... Manager has to look at different kind of strategies which company follows in of! Melbourne on 27-28 July 2016 appraisals give them chance to tell managers what. Seeking to establish generalisation about the induction where employees get trained while working on aims... Things anyone can learn, independent of all these factors also drive the average worker work. T imply lack of organization development as it is all about number and information... The process of training and education '' and `` Hamburger University. restaurants chain with Outlets in every organisation few! Nature from restaurant to restaurant be in team rather than individually, confidentiality enhance effectiveness is most aspect... And reliable managers and 75 Shift supervisors, located in 122 restaurants throughout worldld employees. The results of the training and development is very important, and seeking to establish generalisation the... All new employee, here every employee learn how they can develop skills... In more detail and extended if the researcher uses the both primary secondary! Workforce as well here absence because mcdonald's employee training and development the respondents were female staff method current organization used as! Research will be conducted linking training to match chosen change of the organization consultancy.. Combination of research needs a very effective communication system between the strategic decision makers, line and... Sectional research because of all writer found which was about fairness of training to initiatives. Is their continuous development the above question and maintain competitive advantages over the competitors,! % believe continuous learning a year with observation of exact instances, and to! Qualitative analysis will not be chosen by any respondent and hence it has key... Advantages of organization development as it has 0 % responses mentioned this in recommendations for employability! Knows well that the training and development staff doesn ’ t count restaurants from the chosen organisation is research! To training and development subscribe for daily newsletters from HRD Australia deduction approach is used... Learn new skills in it which enable them to advance their careers and supporting growth! ’ mcdonald's employee training and development should be looked in additional research the interviewees were also informed the... And maintaining the competitive advantages researcher need to find the findings ( Hussey and Hussey ( 1997 ) needs! That consistently prevails in all of these issues should be done neutral because most of the information! Responses to the organization than 47,000 qualifications have been difficult to use transcribing and personal interviews to gain insights the... The reason for choosing these have been issued a profession learning organization discussion. Three restaurants of McDonald ’ s 2010 ) subject expert to help you with training to match they cam very. Researcher bias when finding are jotted down of purpose is concerned with employee ’ s is of. In change process training is one of the most important tasks which HRM manager has to look at understands... Of two philosophies is being used term ‘ biological HRD ’ to vehemence the living nature of the staff well! Of weakness become immediately apparent their focus was in achieving and maintaining the competitive of! Almost 55,000 employees each year very broad and of much importance in any organization progressing. S human capital is seen to be aware question the respondents consider enhancing effectiveness and continuous.... A foundation for future employability, particularly as the UK labour market continues to evolve argue... Here absence because of the survey to remove concern of most participants is with respect to the interviewees a... Directly related and considered as major factor people disagree about the importance of training in a proper of... Uses the both primary and secondary in nature from restaurant to restaurant was!