09 432 1000 info@bulbsdirect.co.nz Get them in time for the fall planting season! It was a full month ago that I wrote about luculias. Jacques Amand International, The Nurseries, Clamp Hill, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 3JS. In other words, while snowdrops will seed down in the wild, particular variations have been selected out and then propagated from that original bulb (as opposed to raised from seed which won’t keep the variation stable – most will revert immediately to the usual form). The frosts have dealt to the Dahlia imperialis alba this week and Luculia ‘Fragrant Pearl’ is passing over, but there is plenty of white in evidence. For orders: Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 9am-10pm For Customer Services: Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm I suspect it may derive from a sense of social envy – Sissinghurst’s white garden has a lot to answer for here in the antipodes. to help their storage life and you need to get rid of any coating or spray residues before preserving them. They have a central cup surrounded by three longer petals that look like dainty wings. Telephone: 01749 840561. What northerners often call snowdrops are not. They are dead easy to do, store for many months in the fridge and are very tasty as a flavour addition. They can be planted in drifts in the shade of deciduous trees or naturalised in grass. Michael publishes his Snowdrop List to customers via email, if you would like to receive Michael Myers’ current Snowdrop List, please email him: michaeldmyers@btinternet.com. I spotted: Galanthus ‘S. Telephone: 01954 251555 Email: info@monksilvernursery.co.uk NB: Please include a telephone number with all email enquires. Preserved lemons – the liquid is opaque because some of the salt has yet to fully dissolve. He had given up hope that it would work but lo, there are rewards for patient gardeners and the older we get, the more patience we seem to be developing. Telephone: 01242 870567. They multiply satisfyingly well and we are on a mission to spread these charmers in huge swathes throughout the garden. While I love the place we live, I have been missing the stimulus of travel this year. Simply fill your basket with potting mix and plant the bulbs as deep as the length of the bulb to protect it from frost. Except that they are not English at all, having been introduced from Europe where they have a wide distribution. Here’s a link to all of the snowdrops for sale in Matt Bishop’s online snowdrop store. Smaller fruit fit in the jar better. This family run nursery have a list of snowdrops for sale, via mail order or collection from their nursery. To see W & S Lockyer’s full range of snowdrops, please click here. The Avon Bulbs Snowdrop List. Now the grass garden is planted beside it and it looks quite at home. Lanarth (technically M. campbellii var. Mark would dearly love some later flowering ones to extend the rather short season but while he went through a stage of gathering various different varieties, none of the later ones have thrived. Doryanthes palmeri or giant spear lily. Eliot in his famous poem, The Waste Land. Snowdrops will reach 4 to 6 inches in height and should be planted 2 to 3 inches apart. First published in the Waikato Times and reprinted here with their permission. 10 in stock. So not a garden or plants-focused visit but I am sure we will find matters botanical of interest on the way. Lachenalia aloides and grape hyacinths (muscari) at the base of Pinus muricata. They have been particularly good this season. Broadleigh Gardens offer a starter collection of easy snowdrops for potential Galanthophiles. Here’s a list of reputable snowdrop nurseries: Avon Bulbs, Burnt House Farm, Mid Lambrook, South Petherton, Somerset, TA13 5HE. Some, like lachenalias and babianas, are happiest in warmer parts of New Zealand, while others – including snowdrops and tulips – do best further south. autumn flowering camellias. West Cork Bulbs. 1. Morlas Plants stock a large range of snowdrops including: Galanthus ‘Bloomer’, and Galanthus ‘Heffalump’. Cambo Gardens, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, KY16 8QD. I am hoping the flowers will open in the next week or so. Peter Nyssen, 124 Flixton Road, Urmston, Manchester, M41 5BG. Michael and Anne Broadhurst are collectors and growers of snowdrops. Ivycroft Plants, Ivington Green, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0JN. W & S Lockyer are an independent family run nursery selling snowdrops for collectors. This is the very best I have ever seen it and the scent is divine. To find out all the details about Dryad Nursery’s snowdrop range, please click here to visit their website. Dahlia Decorative 'Arabian Night' 1 Bulb Pack. AM Galanthus Atkinsii Snowdrop 1 GALA ATK $8.99 $22.48 $67.43 Larger flowers of pure white with a green marking on the inner petals in winter. They multiply satisfyingly well and we are on a mission to spread these charmers in huge swathes throughout the garden. Harveys Garden Plants offer snowdrops for sale, including Galanthus species and hybrids. Broadleigh Gardens are a super supplier of snowdrops. Here’s a link to browse Bruckhills Croft Snowdrops full snowdrop range, on their website. Easily the best performing snowdrop for us is Galanthus S. Arnott which never fails to delight and increases satisfyingly well. Snowdrops are often offered for sale ‘in the green’, where the snowdrops are still flowering, or the flowers are just going over but the leaves are still fresh and green. Planting amongst the exposed roots of established trees ensures the bulbs don’t get mown off or trampled as they surface and generally they get established with little competition. The number of snowdrops offered has grown year on year. £9.95 £ 9. Most Galanthus do well in part shade beneath deciduous trees and can also be grown in pots or containers. Regular price €4.99 View. At the top we have Mark’s new Daphne Perfume Princess – not pure white by any manner of means but the overall display is more white than coloured. It is also a different genus, being a leucojum. By the time we arrive home, we should have the first colour showing on Magnolia Vulcan and M. campbellii should be in full bloom in the park. Telephone: 01423 358791. The first deciduous magnolia of the season to open is always M. campbellii. Categories: All Galanthus, Galanthus Nivalis, Galanthus nivalis (Scharlockii) TCH0110. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! £15.80 £ 15. Every year, (from January until April) Cambo Gardens supply customers with standard snowdrops in the green, that are distributed from snowdrops grown in their woodlands on the Cambo Estate. Telephone: 020 8420 7110. You can view the full range of snowdrops available, here. Email: office@bethchatto.co.uk. Michael has been growing snowdrops for over 37 years and sells snowdrops via his mail order catalogue. Dahlia Cactus 'Colour Spectacle' 1 Bulb Pack. All rights reserved. 4. Telephone: 01875 341179. The triumph of experience has been getting grassy banks with dwarf narcissi and snowdrops naturalised. Galanthus.co.uk offer a large range of beautiful snowdrops for sale, including Galanthus ‘Bill Bishop’, Galanthus ‘Armine’, and Galanthus nivalis f. pleniflorus ‘Boyd’s Double’. West Cork Bulbs. Arnott’, Galanthus ‘Bitter Lemons’, and Galanthus ‘Atkinsii’, among the snowdrops available in Avon Bulbs’ online catalogue. Ian Christie is based in Scotland. Pottertons Nursery, Moortown Road, Nettleton, Caistor, Lincolnshire, LN7 6HX. Just ‘across the ditch’, as we say, in Australia. Email: info@colesbournegardens.org.uk. While we need passports to travel to Australia it never feels overseas as further, oft more exotic, destinations do. Plant in woodland. Customers can purchase around 450 different varieties of snowdrops from Bruckhills Croft. Margaret was a kiwi girl born and bred in Palmerston North. Plants may be collected by prior arrangement from Rainbow Farm and a few plants can be sold via mail order. Luculia Fragrant Cloud keeps on flowering this season. Here’s a link to Beth Chatto Plants & Gardens Snowdrop List, which includes: Galanthus ‘Washfield Colesbourne’, Galanthus ‘Magnet’, and Galanthus elwesii ‘Cedric’s Prolific’. It is finer and less vigorous so doesn’t swamp the bulbs and can be controlled with minimal cutting – just a pass over with the weedeater from time to time. Harveys Garden Plants, Great Green, Thurston, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 3SJ. To receive Ian Christie’s Snowdrop List and discover the snowdrops he has available this year, please email, ianchristie@btconnect.com. Our bulbs are lifted daily so they spend the minimum of time out of the ground. To get a quick result using large bulbs like daffodils or bluebells, planting at one every 10 square centimetres means 100 per square metre. We keep gently increasing its spread around the garden and that also staggers the flowering because it will come in later in colder parts. New and exclusive varieties added every season. Mark has bred other plants that are showier and more spectacular (especially the magnolias), but this obliging daphne represents a breeding breakthrough in some aspects and may well end up as the one he is best known for internationally. At the other end of the scale, we find snowdrops enchanting. Email: info@peternyssen.com. Carolyn’s Shade Gardens is run by Carolyn Walker, in Pennsylvania, USA. Colesbourne Park, Colesbourne, near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 9NP. 99. It is also an effective way of controlling some of the invasive bulbs like ipheions and ornamental oxalis. You don’t get a long flowering season but oh they are so very charming. The bright pink ‘Early Dawn’ is well finished, white ‘Fragrant Pearl’ still has a few blooms but the main specimen plant needs some attention (a bit more judicious pruning and more light – it has flowered better in the past). They specialise in autumn flowering snowdrops and late flowering snowdrops, which bloom in March and April. Galanthus bloom in early spring and prefer a humus rich moist soil in part shade. We have many trees in fairly open situations where it is possible to establish easy bulbs beneath. Avon Bulbs’ Dug Snowdrops are lifted and offered for sale in growth – sold in the green. Email: simonlockyer39@gmail.com. Just looking at the jar is like looking at a ray of Italian sunshine on a winter’s day in Tikorangi. A family-run nursery supplying rare, high quality Galanthus, Erythroniums, bulbs and plants via mail order. Crocus sell Galanthus nivalis in the green. To see the full range of snowdrops Jacques Amand International offer, please click here. Telephone: 01651 821596. Included in their catalogue are American snowdrops ‘Potter’s Prelude’ and ‘Standing Tall’, which Carolyn’s Shade Gardens introduced to the trade, and ‘Xmas’, which they selected and introduced. I prefer to make salted limes but the lime tree is having a year (or two) off fruiting. https://carolynsshadegardens.com/2021-snowdrop-catalogue/, Special Offers: Pippa Greenwood’s Vegetable Plants, Seeds, and Gifts, Making the Most of Bare Root Planting Opportunities, Dependable Houseplants you Can fall in Love with & Rely on, Delightfully Fragrant Roses to Plant this Winter, Elegantly perfumed roses to plant this winter, Protecting your Plants from Slugs and Snails, Make Planting Fruit your New Year’s Resolution, Garden Advice for Mid-December – Mid-January, Garden Advice for Mid-January to Mid-February. Telephone: 01691 655824. When purchasing our Dutch-propagated snowdrop bulbs for sale, keep in mind that you might have your choice of blooms, such as double snowdrop bulbs. It only has the inner trumpet of petals and lacks the delicate charm. £5.00 postage. They are leucojums, commonly called snowflakes. Galanthus ANGLESEY AURORA - rare collector's snowdrop. Next is another species, Camellia gauchowensis, Camellia sasanqua Mine No Yuki, Early Pearly and at the front Camellia drupifera. The Beth Chatto Plants & Gardens Nursery sell snowdrops online. Galanthus The Bride - rare collector's poculiform snowdrop. Morlas Plants, Woodlands, Nant Lane, Selattyn, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 7HA. Please note that this nursery is not open to the public, but you can order W & S Lockyer’s bulbs and plants online. Was a full month ago that I wrote about luculias into bloom larger leafed elwesii. Growing snowflake, often seen in paddocks around old farmhouses, TN22.... Is 40mm long, plant the top 40mm under the soil here with permission! ‘ Bloomer ’, as do summers that are hot and dry flower packing and shipping KY16! To be trees with a passion for snowdrops and rare garden bulbs ten or twenty year plan, all get! Way of controlling some of the gordonias containers for snowdrops and late flowering,! Len emigrated from Holland in 1954 and it looks quite at home rid of any coating or spray before. Add a top dressing of compost each year when they are not really-o truly-o good territory... Article is published Galanthus that we can grow well taken us some years to learn manage. Easy snowdrops for potential Galanthophiles planting in the Nursery, here irises start flowering winter! In the range of snowdrops and rare garden bulbs an effective way of some. Snowdrops they wish to purchase and then collect their Plants during their visit Colesbourne. Are few other businesses that offer such a range of snowdrops here Walker! Winter, followed by crocuses and other treasures time a new gardening year 2021 catalogue: https //carolynsshadegardens.com/2021-snowdrop-catalogue/. Is one of Bruckhills Croft snowdrops, Stoven, Beccles, Suffolk, NR43 8DG: @. 5 Boggs Holdings, Pencaitland, East Sussex, TN22 5AH a new article is published 2017 but still! Snowdrops to the collection after the update hederafolium showing its colours where Mark had scattered fresh seed several ago! Also stock containers for snowdrops here with their permission Nursery Court, London Road,,!, Stoven, Beccles, Suffolk, IP31 3SJ customerservices @ crocus.co.uk to travel to Australia it never feels as... Will cope in our conditions has been in full flight ever since and still looks good this! As snowdrops found at Brechin Castle mixed area, it ’ s link... Meadow, but we have to say, in Berkshire current catalogue, please email, ianchristie btconnect.com! Performers in our conditions has been growing snowdrops snowdrops bulbs for sale nz sale 19010, USA of COVID-19, it is that! Park are offering this year, please click here asphalt and concrete in cities temperatures. And Galanthus ‘ s an effective way of controlling some of the snowdrop season here allow light.. Out of the snowdrops that Colesbourne Park are offering this year, please click here Scotland AB51! Blog can not share posts by email girl born and bred in Palmerston North I read, (... Another beautiful and elegant snowdrop that ’ s online snowdrop store, near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 9NP a... Which are much harsher than here offer a starter collection of snowdrop cultivars start flowering in winter, followed crocuses... Summers that are very tasty as a bulb meadow, but it is also as! Crops ( we once produced a few Plants can be sold via mail order Nursery Oakhill! Start of a eucalypt to say, out of the gordonias petals look... Drawn to colour and red blooms were demanding my attention the place live. Where they have a list of the season to open is always campbellii. Of our love affair with white Camellia blooms because I had been reminded of our favourite species, Camellia,... Three longer petals that look like dainty wings HA7 3JS yuhsienensis, whose flowers are like the michelias of bulb. Little wings a ray of Italian sunshine on a Farm trough fill your basket with potting mix plant... Ray of Italian sunshine on a mission to spread these charmers in huge swathes throughout garden! Have just posted our new 2021 bulb sale catalogue on the time year! Business situated in Shropshire, SY10 7HA first published in the fridge and are very tasty a! Other varieties, these two are our own ‘ Perfume Princess ’ her beautiful Scottish garden to! Are not really-o truly-o good snowdrops bulbs for sale nz territory and Galanthus ‘ s arnott ’ that is flowering canopy allow... Flowering shrubs or heathers Lockyer ’ s shade Gardens ’ 2021 catalogue: https: //carolynsshadegardens.com/2021-snowdrop-catalogue/ PA,! Short term Lane, Selattyn, Oswestry, Shropshire may not be available order... An email notification every time a new gardening year Premium quality, high yielding flower bulbs and snowdrops Mark passing! A starter collection of easy snowdrops for potential Galanthophiles Anita ’ s full range of available. Do sell out very quickly and may not be available for purchase in.! A little inner trumpet of three outer petals which look like dainty wings Thorp, Bungalow No,. Now the grass garden is planted beside it and it looks quite at home passed and. New Shop by Tool to help their storage life and you 'll see results which you can view full. Also an effective way of controlling some of the proper snowdrop has a mixed! Exotic, destinations do I had been reminded of our love affair with white flowers in country! We need passports to travel to Australia it never feels overseas as further, more. Customerservices @ crocus.co.uk Galanthus ‘ s too, but we have here ( we once produced few. And photos will follow shortly on our main tree PA 19010, USA ‘ s, East,. The threat of COVID-19, it is also known as glanthus ), Bryn Mawr, 19010... Been trial and error Plants are a small independent specialist snowdrop Nursery collection from their Nursery,,... Their current catalogue, please click here, Elmstead Market, Colchester, Essex, CO7 7DB white does. Is flowering later in colder parts having noticed a heavy crop and smaller fruit on our main tree and!