A few weeks shy of my eighth birthday, I saw “Jurassic Park” in the theater with my dad and was scared shitless and to tears. 31, 2014. We were loyal readers of it at FiveThirtyEight — it was pretty much our favorite site — and were sad to hear the news. Ranking the best and worst Grantland writers Posted by CunningLinguist on 10/25/13 at 12:55 pm. All rights reserved. My heart was breaking for the people of Ferguson, and some of the coverage from outside media was deplorable. He relocated to New York City in 1911 and began writing for New York Evening Mail, New York Herald-Tribune, and New York Daily News. In this piece, Morris goes beyond his typical exceptional film review, and into a space of trenchant and resonant social commentary in the aftermath of Michael Brown's death. Identifying, and developing a quarterback who can play under pressure is a true challenge. Grantland was known for its award-winning writing, and it’s contributors brilliantly mixed sports, popular culture, and data analytics & visualization into riveting stories and analysis. “Knight Takes King: Remembering Robin Williams, 1951-2014” by Alex Pappademas. I loved this story on how baseball reporters tiptoed around the steroid crisis, trying to figure out exactly how far they could go with their questions. Most of the obits felt like perfunctory overviews of the comedian’s career, pointing to Williams’s highs and lows, describing his comedic style (often very prosaically) and hinting at the mostly unshared trouble in his personal life. Taking on the oh-so-simple subject of ESPN's future. His articles were syndicated in over 100 newspapers. Imagine if the best, most evergreen Grantland content was a sizable percentage of each ESPN the Magazine. Monday's Best Deals: Cyberpunk 2077, 55" TCL 4K TV, Nintendo Switch Games, and More. In its short but brilliant life, the site employed some of the most talented writers on the internet. Read Grantland.com news digest here: view the latest Grantland articles and content updates right away or get to their most visited pages.Grantland.com belongs to a large group of moderately popular websites, with around 222K visitors from all over the world monthly. Reader: Planned Parenthood Illinois (sponsored advertising) This feature appeared under the banner of the Hollywood Prospectus vertical/sub-blog on the site, but it's more than a blog post. These were all great, but I want to point out Katie Baker's contributions. “The Four Horsemen” New York Tribune Article. The Front Lines of FergusonBy: Rembert Browne. That was clearest in Molly Lambert's feature that doubles as a love letter to the way the director treats San Fernando Valley as a character and travelogue of the real-world locations that were used in movies like Boogie Nights and Magnolia. This is one of his best. Over a wide-ranging series of interviews, Abrams got the full, riveting story of one of the scarier moments in NBA history. I wasn’t alone in my fandom, and this piece explains why. 4y Jim Brady, Public Editor. GRANTLAND RICE BORN: 1880 DIED: 1954. “‘Mad Men’ Series Finale: Where You Drink Champagne and It Tastes Just Like Coca-Cola” by Molly Lambert, Lambert’s sharp recap of the “Mad Men” series finale was a fitting send-off to a show that combined earnestness, nostalgia and more than a little cynicism. Charles Barkley had just fired a shot against advanced statistics in what Curtis identified as the latest skirmish in the eternal “power struggle” between sportswriters and the athletes they cover. Today, ESPN announced that it was suspending publication of Grantland. Perhaps the best way to look at Grantland is to compare it … "At that moment, I didn’t feel like a journalist… I was just a black man in Ferguson," he wrote. Grantland has closed. The Lowe Post Podcast: Zach Lowe and Kevin Arnovitz. These are the best ones selected among thousands of others on the Internet. Pappademas was probably Grantland's secret weapon. It is about golf, the game he loved the best. Grantland Rice Articles and posts. I love getting this anthology of the best Grantland articles each quarter. Seeing sports as a metaphor for life, Simmons writes: “You win, you lose, you laugh, you cry, you cheer, you boo, and most of all, you care. Lurking underneath that surface, that’s where all the good stuff is — the memories, the connections, the love, the fans, the layers that make sports what they are.”, “The Front Lines of Ferguson” by Rembert Browne. Everyone that ever will be married/is considering the thought of marriage should be required to read every one of Katie Baker’s incredible “Wedded Blitz!” columns, but my favorite piece of insane bride psyche is “Love Letters.” I love this sentence: “The whole planning process often feels like a reverse Rorschach test in which each snap decision bleeds into an ominous pattern revealing exactly who you’ve been all along.”, “Moneyball II: Charles Barkley, the Sports Media, and the Second Statistical War” by Bryan Curtis. In February, Jerusalem’s FC Beitar, the only soccer team in the Israeli Premier League to have never signed an Arab player, signed two Chechnyan Muslims, sparking national controversy and pitting the organization against their ultras fan club La Familia. But sometimes, such as during Paul Thomas Anderson week, the "pop" side flexed its muscles. The movement from hilarious absurdity to deeply analytical commentary on the year’s most pressing cultural question is pure genius. Grantland Network. Best Grantland Articles? NBA. Should be required reading for journalists on any beat. Grantland was a sports and pop-culture blog owned and operated by ESPN. But Rembert Browne’s extraordinary piece cut through the garbage and showed me moments — terrifying, important moments — I saw almost nowhere else. To mark its legacy, we compiled some of our favorite articles from Grantland, along with some words about why they stuck with us. Later, however, you might find that the silence itself comes to mean something.”, “Yankees Suck! Today, ESPN announced it was shutting down Grantland, the sports and pop culture website launched by Bill Simmons in 2011. The many lives of Josh Tillman, who on the way to releasing one of the year’s best albums was “a defiant child of God, a broke dishwasher, a successful drummer, a Dionysian shaman, a failed poet, a drug-hoovering spiritualist, and a gleeful prankster.” But Rembert weaved together history and a chilling first-person narrative to produce a piece of experiential journalism that I will never forget. Filed under Burrito Bracket. The Consequences of Caring by Bill Simmons. First, he’s prolific. Here are 11 of the best pieces Grantland published over the hell of a run they had. (In the same vein, this prescient pre-Grantland Molly essay on how to be a woman in a boys’ club is so necessary that I wouldn’t be the first to suggest getting it tattooed on your back. Latest was Wow.That Just Happened. The Sea of Crises by Brian Phillips. It is as typical of Grantland Rice as any article could be. The show ends with lead character Don Draper dreaming up the iconic Coca-Cola commercial, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.” A hit among TV viewers at the time, the commercial was also “supremely cynical: I want to connect with you by sharing this consumer experience,” Lambert writes. But her true coup is this perfect articulation of why Eminem grates: He has stayed the same in a culture that’s moved just enough to make his brand of masculinity obviously ridiculous. April 18, 2015 The Grantland Basketball Hour (Ep. I will be contributing this fall to Bill Simmons’ Grantland, and the first piece is online now.Check out my first piece, about how the best (Rodgers, Brady, Manning) beat the NFL blitz:. 9) Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose, and Zach Lowe countdown the 25 most intriguing people of … Molly’s retrospective made me finally believe in Shady’s talent. Overview. Yankees Suck” by Amos Barshad. I'm not sure if this is one of the best pieces that the site ever produced, but I know that when I heard about the Daily Fantasy Sports scandal, I knew that Pierce would probably have the best take and I wasn't disappointed. The sports part of Grantland really dominated the "sports and pop culture" formula that the site strived to perfect. Fast-forward 20 years, and I’m Dr. Alan Grant for Halloween. Phillips traveled to Brazil for the World Cup and told a story of the fiscal (and human) cost of putting on the biggest sporting event on the planet. Next Jayski's Silly Season Site Here are 11 of the best pieces Grantland published over the hell of a run they had. Get Ready For Round 2 In Our Search For America’s Best Burrito By Hayley Munguia. Browne, on a whim, took a flight to Ferguson and found himself in the heart of the Michael Brown protests. Not only does it demonstrate incredible storytelling craft in its weaving together of two powerful narratives (or three, if you count the writer’s journey), but its gorgeous and delicate presentation washes over you in a way that connects you to the author’s mood and experience. It’s easy to go through my Grantland favorites; roughly 60 percent of my brother’s emails to me are links from the site. Rembert wasn’t the only journalist of color to visit Ferguson in the agonizing days after Michael Brown’s death, but to me, his account was definitive. Exceptional. Listen online, no signup necessary. The most detailed guides for Grantland How To are provided in this page. He takes his young daughter, a fledgling Los Angeles Kings fan, to see the team lose a gut-wrenching Stanley Cup game and then juxtaposes her crushing sadness with his own after seeing LeBron James and the Miami Heat demolish his beloved Celtics in Game 6 of the 2012 Eastern Conference finals (aka, LeBron’s greatest performance). That just might make you read a magazine again, right? It wasn't fair when Grantland hired Charlie Pierce. A longstanding favorite topic of mine, the backlash to sports analytics, handled expertly by the sports media’s most astute analyst of itself. at “The Cult of ‘Jurassic Park’” by Bryan Curtis. The ESPN-operated site covered sports in the context of culture at large, which meant that it also regularly covered video games. I feel as if Grantland is a wasted site at this point. I’ve never seen someone describe a friendship between two young adults as accurately and romantically as Syme does in this piece about the women behind “Broad City.” “They talk like all BFFs in the era of instant messaging, sending verbal links back and forth about things they saw or read … they are each other’s favorite IRL Twitter feed … Anyone with a best friend would recognize it.” I read this and immediately sent the link to my best friend. The Burrito Bracket’s First Round Comes to a Close With a Major Upset Articles published by Grantland on Longform. Nine Best Grantland Podcasts For 2020. This story, about a freed slave who traveled to England in 1810 to become a boxer, is just plain cinematic. I’m from St. Louis, and I watched the Ferguson coverage unfold from afar. Grantland NFL columnist Bill Barnwell calls in to talk about the upcoming draft before Bill Simmons declares his newfound hatred for a close Patriots rival. In 2012 Grantland ranked the song as the second-best Bond song of all-time, behind only "Goldfinger." There is just too much terrific work at Grantland to pick from, but for some reason the last line of this piece always stuck with me. Looking back at Grantland, ESPN decision sad, not necessarily wrong. By Liddy Grantland | February 4, 2020 The myth that people who use painkillers have done something wrong is a myth that keeps people addicted. Please do not name the ones I name below. In the end, it’s all just a product, designed to capture our imaginations. He was undefeated.” A profile of the Red Sox’s forgotten stathead, Mike Gimbel. The Front Lines of Ferguson by Rembert Browne. “Using numbers to say someone ought to be unemployed doesn’t make the news go down any easier,” Curtis wrote. In its short but brilliant life, the site employed some of the most talented writers on the internet. Grantland wants to create blog brands powerful enough to feel like products of their own, akin to New York magazine's Vulture, The Cut and Daily Intel. ESPN announced it was shutting down Grantland. Rice, Grantland (1880-1954) 170 words, approx. See the top 10 evil sports. Here, master storyteller Bryan Curtis takes one of the absolute weirdest stories ever—a man with Asperger's syndrome is going state-to-state to bond with high school athletes and then jump on their backs unexpectedly—and turns it into a genuine story of empathy and, like, what America is supposed to be. 2y Jim Brady, Public Editor. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! This image was removed due to legal reasons. “‘Mad Men’ Power Rankings, Episode 707: ‘Waterloo’” by Mark Lisanti. Grantland had the people who you wanted to hear. Something about her weighing the merits of the cast and crew of Dazed and Confused just works. Grantland is named for legendary sports scribe Grantland Rice (1880–1954), and is a fitting tribute to his memory. Filed under The Triangle. “The Sea of Crises” by Brian Phillips, with illustration by Jun Cen and Thoka Maer, Brian Phillips’s intricate take on Sumo, Seppuku, and what he learned about Japanese culture from a trip to Japan is a masterpiece of genre-bending long-form content. No one combines a sharp analytical perspective with a passion for the game quite like Rany. The blog was started in 2011 by veteran writer and sports journalist Bill Simmons, who remained as editor-in-chief until May 2015. No, it’s not one of the great entries in their pantheon, but it’s from a deeply funny and warm series, from one of the great sites of its day, covering one of the great shows of its day. November 15, 2014. 4:31 PM. Today, ESPN announced it was shutting down Grantland, the sports and pop culture website launched by Bill Simmons in 2011. –Sara Patterson, podcast and video intern, “Shady XLII: Eminem in 2014” by Molly Lambert, I always hated Eminem — for his misogyny and homophobia, sure, but also for his narrow representation of Detroit, my hometown, which his audience took as authentic and therefore universal. The challenges to picking the best Bill Simmons columns are twofold. Grantland was named after famed early-20th-century sportswriter Grantland Rice (1880–1954). That will be missed. To mark its legacy, we compiled some of our favorite articles from Grantland, along with some words about why they stuck with us. 1 0. Grantland Rice Books, Essays, Articles & Literary Works 1. Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland. But I still think the real issue is that people don't even want to put on their cargo shorts and Crocs to go outside. 1 pages Rice, Grantland (1880-1954) Grantland Rice, arguably the best-known American sports writer ever, was also one of the most highly regarded personally and professionally. (In 2014, the winner was how video footage is forcing society to come to terms with deeply rooted injustices.). It's been years since this was published—someone make this into a movie, already. Just like Grantland. The Malice at the Palace by Jonathan Abrams. The Malice At The PalaceBy: Jonathan Abrams. Grantland’s closure had loomed since editor and site founder Bill Simmons was […] I wanted to rant inspired by the horrbile Bill Barnwell article about the Cowboys. It's kind of messed up how Hollywood gives white indie directors tentpole films with little experience, right? Phillips was, for my money, easily the best writer at Grantland, and this is arguably his epic. At its best, Grantland helped show its readers that those boundaries were imagined. This story lays out perfectly how and why it keeps happening. Email him: david.matthews@fusion.net. © 2021 ABC News Internet Ventures. Using the biblical reference of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse which Grantland Rice wrote, he has been described as the most famous football lead of all-time. Grantland was a long form blog owned by ESPN. One Hundred Years of Arm Bars by David Samuels. But Alex’s account of the man’s life and influence stood out as both personal and profoundly humanizing, and more than any other, struck an emotional chord that was exactly right. Articles published by Grantland on Longform. Grantland Network ‘The Lowe Post’ Podcast: J.J. Redick on the Clippers, the MVP Race, and His Acting Debut. (A meaningful minority of the stories are about pop culture rather than sports.) Life found a way. How a bunch of 17 year-olds that like punk music made thousands of dollars selling T-shirts to all the people I went to high school with — this story was so much fun. Filed under The Triangle. I am grateful. I've read Grantland sporadically before, but I just read their excellent piece on Andre Iguodala. My favorite use of the bracket form on Grantland, Rembert’s four-volume, year-end Who Won series is epic. If you searching to evaluate Grantland Holy Grail And Holy Grail British Comedy price. There's always some good articles that I missed when they appeared online (the Hagler/Sugar Ray oral history, Brian Phillip's profile of David Stern, and Klosterman's look at the Oasis brothers) and I love reading the good stuff again (Simmons' look at Eddie Murphy's career). Oct. 30, 2015, Natural Language Processing of Grantland Articles. After a career in sports writing for 40 years, Grantland Rice died of July 13, 1954 of a stroke. When they do the oral history of oral histories, expect some extended musing about this one. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! “Look deeply enough within yourself and you’ll find everyone else there, too. I really could have picked any one of these, but in “Waterloo,” “Mad Men” sees the death of a beloved character that always felt just a little bit out of his own time, and it seemed he liked it that way. She's a great writer, versatile enough to cover the Olympics, report a true crime story, annotate the New York Times' Vows section, and still do a regular mailbag column. If you were to draw a triple Venn diagram of hoops, trunk bangers, and jokes made at the expense of J. Cole, Grantland writer Shea Serrano would be … After Robin Williams died, I read every obit I could get my hands on, both because I grew up on Williams’s films and because I was deeply unsettled by the coroner’s report of the suicide scene. It’s Time to Stop Being Stupid About Sports GamblingBy: Charlie Pierce. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. May 6, 2014. ), “The Sound and The Fury” by Alex French and Howie Kahn. Disclosure: ESPN is owned by the Walt Disney Company, a part owner of Fusion, David Matthews operates the Wayback Machine on Fusion.net—hop on. “He was a winner and a loser. I’m a bit sad that it’s gone, so I’ll link to a few of its better videogame pieces below. “The Consequences of Caring” by Bill Simmons, This is Simmons writing tenderly and philosophically on the inevitable moments of disappointment that come with being a sports fan. It’s the real thing.”. Maybe it was the harrowing situation; maybe it was the fact that it happened to a friend and colleague. Jul. ‘Mad Men’ Power Rankings, Episode 707: ‘Waterloo’, Moneyball II: Charles Barkley, the Sports Media, and the Second Statistical War, Knight Takes King: Remembering Robin Williams, 1951-2014, ‘Mad Men’ Series Finale: Where You Drink Champagne and It Tastes Just Like Coca-Cola, Why Trump’s Second Impeachment Will Be A Political Test For Both Republicans And Democrats, Why Police Aggression Is Far More Pronounced Against Left-Leaning Protesters, What Trumpism Has Cost The GOP And The Nation. One of the last articles written by Grantland Rice, who died suddenly July 13, was a piece for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. The Ballad of the Piggyback BanditBy: Bryan Curtis. Got a tip? ... 16 Stories To Remember Grantland By. Phillips writes: “The first time you read a story like this, maybe, you feel cheated, because you read stories to find out what happens. I'm a really big fan of the long, thorough analysis so that I thought the piece was great. Mr. DNA: How Hollywood Tinkers With Evolution to Grow New Spielbergs in a LabBy: Alex Pappademas. It dawns on me that my attendance is always for cerebral fare and at off-peak times and that may explain my lack of bad experiences. Best Grantland articles?

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