72% 4. Highway Worm [no Mods] Created by Nurpo. Joeysgamerguide's ##### 0% 0. It is unknown what this black sludge is, or if it is dangerous. Register Start a Wiki. The Highway Worm | Barli and SCP Foundation 2020 Wiki | Fandom. 0% 0. As a note, any SCP that's autonomous, sentient and/or sapient is generally classified as Euclid, due to the inherent unpredictability of an object that can act or think on its own. Turkey Shooter. by Art.Nevsky. by Nicolas. 0% 0. Created by Nurpo. . 71% 1.7K. Class Safe . by FlannelCreep. Breaking News is a tall, humanoid, mysterious creature that sometimes lives in small European cities from sunset to midnight. Insane Elevator! all children should sleep. 0% 0. Free unblocked games at school for kids, Play games that are not blocked by school, Addicting games online cool fun from unblocked games 66 Delorean. In earlier stages of their lifecycle, they can move from bridge to bridge, until they adhere. Exit. It's cold. Siren Head the game. This Also Needs tf2.. [Creatures By Trevor Henderson]... Leovincible Ragdolls! SlenderClown Be Afraid of IT. [SCP] - Highway Worm. Handless Millonaire Zombie Food. … 78% 282. Joeysgamerguide's ##### This is your very ##### ROBLOX creation. Sacrifice for the Council. oofgoesthebigdoof reblogged this from scp-69. scpf scp scp foundation scp-106 scp meme scp shitpost image gun tw tw guns bean boys among us au among us meme among us shitpost. Approximate length of the entity is believed to be 28,075 km, this data was found measuring the time between first initial emergence to its disappearance from the photosphere. Join hiroshiantunez on Roblox and explore together! Recently Changed Pages. Item #: SCP-173 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-173 is to be kept in a locked container at all times. Jail escape. Laundry Man is a creature made by Trevor Henderson. Hard Life. the-highway-owl liked this . SCP-087 Road to Hell. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; alex106 liked this . The Bridge Worm is a long worm-like entity that is known for hiding under long interstate highway bridges. Barli and SCP Foundation 2020 Wiki. Super Hero Tycoon (Fan Remake) 0% 0. not done. He is in a group of mysterious humanoids, known as the Giants Or Gigantes in Spanish, which are characterized by mysterious phenomena, a hostile nature, and, as huge scientists say, they once caught a creature in the cell and even got scared. SCP-3282 currently resides in a burrow (measured at 13 kilometers long), opening at a cave near the base of the Gyala Peri peak of the Himalayan mountains. 603.5k Followers, 1,715 Following, 4,841 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Trevor Henderson (@trevorhenderson) SCP-2539: Highway to Hell by Taffeta. It is a white creature with two big eyes, a smiling mouth, and black sludge on its hand. R.I.P steve. On Twitter, he has revealed several more details about the biology of the Bridge Worms. But I smell the burning breath of the worm. good car. SCP-455 Cargo Ship by Dr Gears. Description: SCP-1682 is believed to be a large, segmented, worm-like entity located in the sun. [Creatures By Trevor Henderson]... New Cartoon Cat vs Old Cartoon Cat. "Bridge Worm" Is hide in bridge and he have fake face hood, and if person come closer to him, he removes hood and his real face looks like [REDACTED] [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] , and worm attacks person and ate person. 0% 0. We must hurry. Load More. by ☣KOSMOSTARS_2077☣ [VS] Content pack #2. by Twitch.tv/ImJustFlynn. So while I have mixed feelings on Worm I will note I have a recurring invocation of a given character in, "Weakest Character that can do X" threads and given the same threads often feature Worm characters I thought I would bring him to this thread to see how it would work. 0% 0. SCP {Highway Worm} 100% 0. steve121112's Place Number: 57. Slendytubbies ⚠ FLASH. 0% 0. Zombie Man Warrior 2 ⚠ FLASH. Giant Worm; Facehugger; Spider Queen spawns small spiders to help her in the fight; Spider Queen and Giant Worm spawn with a their own custom theme music; Both spiders are immune to acid, poison and radiation; Both spiders don't collide with each other; Comes with a small menu to customize some of the SNPCs; COMMUNITY LINKS . by Stultus! My Birthday Game :D. 0% 0. Zombie Last Guard. 0% 0. Day 2,398 I have seen the puppet of the worm. Zombotron ⚠ FLASH. Tequila Zombie ⚠ FLASH. 55% 0. 0% 0. The Bridge Worm was created by Trevor Henderson on August 14, 2019.. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. SAS Zombie Assault 3 ⚠ FLASH. Games Movies TV Video. Tower Of Heck Fan ReMake (Not Finished Y. Safe-class SCPs are anomalies that are easily and safely contained. by moshennik. See more ideas about scp, foundation, scp 049. Jeff The Killer ⚠ FLASH. Survival The Killers. Drive or Die. It is close. IDK. Nov 17, 2020 - As you can tell, it's about the entities of the SCP series. Five Nights at Freddy's: Custom Game. Deep Worm. Feed Us: Hell Storm . Siren head but it looks like the gmod version thats it Just Something That Appeared In My Brain Randomly. 0% 0. bendy can update Scp 682 to be stronger than scp 096 V3 cuz I am not looking good when Scp 096 beat scp 682 cuz Scp 682 is much stronger. квартира Бух-Бухича. Item #: SCP-1401 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1401 has been permanently closed to civilian traffic as of / /19 ; construction of an alternate highway linking affected communities is pending. Description: SCP-3282 is an abnormally large, terrestrial member of the species Eunice aphroditois (Bobbit worm), measuring 2.8 meters in diameter and approximated at a length of 11 kilometers. Click on the icons to open the links! © Valve Corporation. 117 notes Sep 21st, 2020. by Highway worm. 1 Notes 2 Description 3 Trivia 4 Source 5 Gallery This is not originally Trevor Henderson, he just remade it in his image. All rights reserved. (Verse) Skill Taker's World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch; Slightly Damned; Solo Leveling; Star Punch Girl (Verse) Star Warriors; Stop, Friendly Fire! Games. Add new page. Gun FPS. Joeysgamerguide's Place Number: 2. If at any time personnel are bitten by SCP-538, the infected individual must be … He is alsoSCP-4158by the SCP Foundation. *CARTOON CAT & AMONG US. Rio Rex. acctually it is unknown as in the battle documentry, scp-682 was ripped in half while scp-096 was sitting in the corner with lots of cuts and bruises. 0% 0. Lumberjack Legends. Wiki Content. I wonder Why People Call Him Big Bridge Worm [Creature By Trevor Henderson]... Trevor Henderson Scene. 0% 0. steve121112's Place Number: 69. It is originally made by SCP Foundation. It seems to be coming towards the camera person. He comments that the facial markings of the Worm's false face become more defined to assist in hunting as they get older, confirming that the artwork is of an adult Bridge Worm. Favorite if you love Jesus UPDATES! gemsandjunk liked this . For A Roblox Movie . Random retextured thunder nightmares lol. Persona 4. by Orineon. is a redraw made by Trevor Henderson. 78% 3.1K. I’ll take you ho-are you okay?” What started as a deep, almost rumbling voice grew far more concerned at the last moment. hiroshiantunez is one of the millions playing, creating and exploring the endless possibilities of Roblox. SCP-2529 - Rest in Peace by Kalinin. Containment Report [Worm/SCP Foundation] [On Hiatus] Thread ... Look, it’s too cold outside, and too dark, for someone like you to just be wandering around or staring out over a highway. Check out SCP - Bridge Worm. Log in to Reply. Subscribed. 99 Pages. Jet playz says: January 12, 2021 at 1:44 am . The Streets. Long Horseis a heroic Internet-Urban Legend creature created by Trevor Henderson that originates from 2018. Check it out, then make it your … Wikis. Subscribe. Below, I lay the foundation of a greater tomorrow. SCP Foundation; Sekien no Inganock; Sevens; Shikkoku no Sharnoth; SILVER! Created by Nurpo. Content matching the search query. scp. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? by Aqui138. Starlight Content. 1 Appearance 2 History 3 Personality 4 Abilities 5 Gallery 5.1 Images 5.2 Videos 6 Trivia 7 Navigation Long Horse appears to be a creaturethat has a horse skull without a jaw for a head. I'm not extremely familiar with Worm though but I'm interested where/how he would fit in. All such subjects later find a piece of heavily scorched and decomposed human flesh in the storage compartment of their vehicle. Big Charlieis a particularly strange one ofTrevor Henderson'screations, partly because not much is known about it. Unsubscribe Description < > 7 Comments Highway worm Oct 1, 2020 @ 11:50pm Whats the other addons horus [author] Apr 3, 2020 @ 12:54am Site 19 Elon Musk Apr 3, 2020 @ 12:19am что за карта? 100% 0. Among us with the buttion. noahdm100 May 13, 2019 @ 3:30pm I LOVE SCP MAPS AND I LOVE THE SCP 796 bruh Mar 26, 2019 @ 2:01am Can you say, what addons needs for save? 117 notes. 1 Appearance 2 Origin 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 4.1 Trevor Henderson's Images Big Charlieis a large mammal-like creature, it resembles some sort of cattle, yet, at the same time, it has a beak-like protrusion on the tip of its mouth. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. As of right now, it's kind of a SunnyClockwork collage but I plan on adding other artist's renditions in later on. Description. However, it has been found to hide under small bridges, supposedly using a safe house tactic to travel long distances without being spotted (However this claim has no evidence of being true). SCP-538 Shadow Spiders by Dr LosER. horus [author] Mar 21, … Create; YouTube Video Title Generator Analysis popular titles, gain the recommendation from YouTube search; Find the Best YouTube Video Thumbnails Check the popular thumbnails and looking for inspiration; YouTube Trends Find popular YouTube topics, and use the YouTube trends to grow your channel; YouTube Keywords Tool Track winning keyword on YouTube, get the keyword search volume

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