Heil Hvac Serial Number. Serial Number Sourcing. The Model Number of the Furnace, Air Handler or Outdoor Unit depending on the equipment you have. (mm) Ship / Operating Weight lbs. Introducing the Venstar Wireless Thermostat! ; GMP075-3 (75,000 bonnet input) Compressor is same: serial # 9709088872 (yr1997 wk 09) Tonnage is model # CK361C The first two numbers after the CK (letters) divided by 12 is tons. We have a Carrier air conditioner,Model #38ckb060300, Serial#1997E7824.What. You can’t use Carrier serial and model to decode Trane hvac units. ICP Furnace Blower Motor, 1013341 1/2 H.P. This How-To shows you the essentials of identifying your evaporator coil. Looking for a bit of assistance - I'm not original homeowner, so not certain of age of AC unit. Condensing Unit Model Number Breakdown. If you have any issues with finding your model number or determining what it means, don’t hesitate to contact the HVAC professionals here at HVAC Parts Shop. Latest News from. So the serial number shown below indicates that the condenser unit was manufactured in 1991. Our Evaporator Coil Model Number location video can be found by clicking here. Air Handler and Electric Furnace Motors, POC 7.5 7.5 MFD x 370 Oval Volt Run Capacitor, Rheem-Ruud Air Handler and Electric Furnace Motors, Rheem-Ruud Gas Fur and Pckg Ind Blower Motors, Rheem-Ruud OEM Furnace motors and capacitors, S1- 02420043700 York 5 MFD x 370 Volt Oval Run Capacitor, S1- 02420045700 York 7.5 MFD x 370 Volt Oval Run Capacitor, S1-02420046700 York 10 MFD x 370 Volt Oval Run Capacitor, S1-02423211003 York 3/4 HP Furnace Blower Motor, S1-02425900000 York 15 MFD x 370 Volt Oval Run Capacitor, S1-02426087000 York 1/2 H.P. The model I have is n4a360akc300. pictures of circuit boards According to Inspectapedia website, the age of the furnace isn't always easy to detect from the label. manufacturing circuit Model numbers have varied over the years but their general breakdown is consistent for the most part. Better known as the Dash number. replacement circuit boards It breaks down in the following way: This is the series number; the G meaning gas (Natural or LP). printer circuit board Articlecx.com Articlecx. electronics circuit board Download 8 HEIL Furnace PDF manuals. circuits board This number indicates a slight revision has occurred to the model series not requiring a series change. Note: Rarely will a residential unit have anything other than a P for single phase. circuit boards parts Look for the line that states "Model Number" or "M/N". All rights reserved. Instruction manuals and service manuals which may have come with your unit do not contain the complete model number required to identify replacement parts (except when the installer actually wrote down the complete model number in them). If you can't find your number on our site this is probably Genuine ICP, Tempstar, Heil Replacement Parts. On older equipment the BTUH cooling capacity may be encoded in the model numbers. Cond Mtr S89-586, 0131M00008PS Goodman 1/3 H.P. This indicates the tonnage capacity of the unit. printed circuit design This online tool will provide you with detailed product information on our complete Heil ® product line. The revision number is very important in repair part identification as a -1 unit may have a different circuit board than a -8 would. See warranty certi˜cate for details. board repair I would like an official document (picture) or link. Our second photo below shows the data tag on the exterior of an HB Smith heating boiler, Model BB14-*-4, (the * indicates that this is a steam boiler), though in my over-shot photo the serial number is not quite visible. Locate Your Furnace Model and Serials Numbers. Your safety and the manufacturers warranty also requires it. Here’s a few more examples: Trane - 4TWR3030A1000AA - 2-1/2 tons You may see revision numbers as high as 14 or even 18. circuit board parts This site is run by Technical Hot and Cold and is a resource for finding service parts for ICP, Tempstar, Heil, Day & Night, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker and KeepRite HVAC units. printed electronic circuits : 36 div by 12= 3 tons. This particular unit can be matched with a 3 to 4 ton condensing unit. Welcome to our Residential Product Guide. The Lennox Model number of your unit is the most important information required in determining the correct replacement part you need. Hi I am trying to figure out the tonnage of my Heil AC unit the Model number is ***** ... read more. NO. Suggestions. There are 400 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) of airflow per ton of cooling. manufacturing circuit boards The ball point pen is pointing to the Part # 331-01933-000. Call or Text Message 1-914-294-2432 (EST) or 1-281-817-1088 (CST) or 1-509-293-9290 (PST) i.e. Read on to learn how to distinguish product brands, brand modifiers, generations, SKUs, and product lines from Intel® processor names. Specifically this article will discuss the complete Carrier line, how to choose the right model for you and some things to consider about who to hire to help you get your HVAC installed. There are scores of different Furnace, Air Handler and Heat Pump Boards. Select one of the drop-down lists below that corresponds to the FIRST letter of your HVAC brand name. They are the first-generation Ryzen processors, so their model numbers start with 1. We will TRY to make this as painless as possible with a couple of pictures below. When replacing a failed component or accessory for a compressor, it is always best to use the one specified by the manufacturer. P3UR, G9T; FG9, P3DN, P3DH; PCDF, P2DR, PBLD, PBKM, PBKD, P1CK, PACE. circuit boards components HEIL® How to determine the date of production/manufacture or age of an HEIL® furnace or other HEIL® HVAC unit.

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