The Air Serenity lap harp weighs only five pounds fully levered, the lever floor harps range between 10 and 13 pounds, and the 47-String Starlight Concert Grand pedal harp comes in at an astonishing 38.75 pounds!. The lever harps are controlled with hands when changing pitches and strings, while the pedal harps utilize a pedal when changing the tones and strings. These types of devices include pedal harp discs, the Lyon & Healy Performance lever, the current Salvi levers, the Triplett Ultimate, the levers used by Pilgrim Harps, and all blades and hooks. The pedal harp (also known as the concert harp) is a large and technologically modern harp, designed primarily for use in art music.It may be played solo, as part of a chamber ensemble, or in an orchestra.It typically has 47 strings giving a range of six and a half octaves. This is the type of harp instrument where the player uses a lever(s) to raise the notes on harp. What should I do? Modified classical repertoire. At After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Nylon Set for Gut-Strung Harp; Lever Harp Gut Set: E4 to D 26 The pedal harp (also known as the concert harp) is a large and technologically modern harp, designed primarily for use in art music.It may be played solo, as part of a chamber ensemble, or in an orchestra.It typically has 47 strings giving a range of six and a half octaves. The lever harp is not a “training harp.”It can handle any music genre, and it’s much more portable than a pedal harp. If you’re all about Celtic music, go for lever. All these songs can be played on lever or pedal harps.They remain in the same key for the whole piece, so no lever or pedal changes are required. The lever harp produces bright sounds, which are ideal for people who play folk music while the pedal harp instrument provides music sounds, which is mellower due to the large soundbox and the high number of strings equipped. Pedal harps employ a complicated mechanism worked by a system of seven foot pedals.This brings around several secondary differences: pedal harps need to be considerably larger and heavier than lever harps to accommodate … Discover the joys of harp music. Going from one another is quite easy if you already know the basics of playing the harp. Remember, this is all about your goals with the harp. Key changes are accomplished by using the semitone levers. These are the distinctive harp of Venezuela, played with fingernails in melody hand and finger pads in the bass. The pedal harp would give me more versatility in some ways, but I'm a little concerned about the cost of upkeep (on top of the cost of buying the harp.) The equipped strings are plucked with fingers or other pieces when playing to make different musical sounds. Pedal harp: he requirements from Grade 4 are generally for instruments with a minimum of T 46 strings. The instruments use different fundamental hand techniques. Be aware of this, but don’t let it stop you. Cheers, Mia Mine is five feet tall with natural wood. Even the most expensive lever harp is half the cost of a pedal harp. Yes, you can play arrangements of classical music on lever harp, and it sounds great, but it is not the real thing. HARP SIZE. Re: lever harp vs. pedal harp. Participant. Less expensive. It’s a sizeable sized harp featuring brilliant pedal mechanisms for making key changes. Camac levers have proved to be very robust over years of use - but, if a lever is ever damaged, it can very easily be replaced ( by a player themselves if required ). You can also call it a simple beginner’s harp. Based on the concert harp principle of double forks, the strings are not moved out of alignment when the levers are engaged and with very minimal string wear, even with frequent use. Single Strings. Lever vs Pedal Harp. Written for the pedal harp, it works very well on the lever harp as well! He Is Born is a medley of He Is Born, the Divine Christ Child and Hark, the Herald Angels Sing. If you can’t afford to get a pedal harp right now, then make sure that you learn on a lever harp with similar string tension as a pedal harp, and tell your teacher that you intend to play pedal. Therefore, if you need a portable harp, consider getting the lever harp. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are lots of financing options for buying or renting a harp. Lyon & Healy Style 23 Pedal Harp 47 Strings + gently used, schatten designs ch-3 celtic / pedal harp pickup artist with integrated preamp. The piece begins with an interplay between the melody lines of the two carols over a continuous accompaniment pattern. For example, a lever on a string tuned to E-flat will raise it to E-natural. There are far more teachers, books, and harp-makers for the pedal harp than for the cross-strung. When engaging a lever with your hand it will raise the note of that string by one semitone. There is a difference between playing on a harp with pedals and a harp that does not have pedals. The pedal harp is mainly recommended for people who need a stationed or permanent harp because they are quite bulky. Used Pedal Harps Used Lever Harps Harp Accessories. Rees Harp Line; Salvi. The two sizes of harps will help you break into the play field and learn the basics of playing. Aside from that, a lever harp will let you do pretty much anything you can dream up! Harpissima in Italy and Europe is bringing a unique opportunity for learning and knowledge of the harp world at its highest level. Logistics: A lever harp is fairly easy to move (mine weighs 26 pounds) and is a wonderful option for outdoor weddings or events. I'm learning how to play the lever harp. The Milan Showroom Is Changing Locations! Focus on your goals, and see what harp fits them best. Make: Dusty Strings; Height: 125 – 185cm; Weight: 10.9kg. The lever harp doesn’t involve a lot of key changes and features manageable numbers of strings for beginners. Sylvain Blassel - true to form - performs transcriptions hitherto undreamt-of on the harp: Haydn’s Sonata n° 60 Hob.XVI.50, and Beethoven’s Six Bagatelles, op.126. Join Salvi Harps for an event featuring local and international harpist recitals,… In Istanbul the International Harp Festival dedicated to Ceren Necipoglu. Pedal harp is MUCH more expensive than lever harp. The cost for harp varies depending on the size, design and even the type. I, however, really do want to learn how to play the pedal harp. Set the B pedal up, and all the B strings turn to B flat. These two types of harps have both similarities and differences, which are quite notable when playing and in the design. The most stunning quality of the Heartland carbon fiber harps is their unparalleled light weight. This is because they are large and are more advanced as compared to the lever harp. Lever harps are smaller than pedal harps and have between 20 and 40 strings, with 34 being the most usual. Hi! 3. Sizes vary, so there is a lever harp to fit any budget. Download my adaption for free. We cater to people from all walks of life, from kids to adults to senior citizens. 2315. Most people don’t even know there is a difference, so even as a professional doing weddings or other gigs, you will do fine with a big lever harp. It’s a sizeable sized harp featuring brilliant pedal mechanisms for making key changes. The lever harp is a bit lighter than the pedal harps. The lever harp is estimated to have around 22 to 36 strings while, on the other hand, the pedal harp has approximately 44 to 47 strings. Lap harps have about 15-26 strings. Since Lyon & Healy is a pedal harp maker, they have long designed most models of lever harp they produce to have the same spacing, tension, and feel as their pedal harps. Each Camac instrument is a unique link in a long chain of savoir-faire, research and passion. Pedal Gut: Which Harp String Do You Need? You can also choose to have no levers at first, greatly cutting the cost, and add levers to some or all strings later. I live in a small town and at the music school I am currently attending, there is only the lever harp available. They are A, B, C, D, E, F, G. The black keys on the piano are sharps and flats of these notes. Lever Harps 34 strings has become the standard compass for lever harps. Click on your area of interest: Rental Harps Straight monthly rental. Standard Wires; Tarnish Resistant Wire; Atlanta Harp Center Nylon; Premier Harp Strings. Our 2021 concert agenda is off to a fascinating start. The pedal harp would give me more versatility in some ways, but I'm a little concerned about the cost of upkeep (on top of the cost of buying the harp.) Pedal Harp Single Strings. It is not impossible to play Celtic music on a pedal harp, but the quick notes (ornaments) are more difficult. French makers of fine harps since 1972, Camac Harps are renowned for an expert combination of traditional skills, and innovative concepts. I've been playing a 34 string lever harp for about 10 years now (just for personal enjoyment) and am ready for a larger harp. Which sounds best to you? Author admin Posted on August 3, 2017 Categories Free sheet music, In-depth looks, J.S. Types of Harp Sharping Levers. But pedal harps are more expensive as compared to the lever harps. I have found that I’m unable to move my pedal harp without help.. It’s too big for me to manage alone. Historical harps. I have recorded this song on my lever harp, but this song just shows the beauty of pedals, and how much better glisses sound on pedal harps :) The song is from the harp book: Harp … Inasmuch as there is a genuine Celtic repertoire for harp, you will be able to play it completely on a lever harp. A good, big lever harp weighs half or less of what a pedal harp weighs. HarpRoom is the first private music school in the Philippines that is especially dedicated to the learning and propagation of the harp. Sure, especially if your main goal is to play one of those. Lyon & Healy Style 23 Pedal Harp 47 Strings + Indo . Pedals versus levers is a key differentiator, but there are also: Wire-strung harps. Harps have been known since antiquity in Asia, Africa and Europe, dating back at least as early as 3500 BC. You can get the gist of a Celtic song on a pedal harp, but the Celtic ornamentation can be difficult because of the string tension. Nylon strings are also available with pedal harp tension. 2 Harp grades: requirements and information Non-pedal harp: he requirements from Grade 3 are for instruments with ET b tuning and with a minimum of 34 strings (pitch of bottom string: C two octaves below middle C, or lower). Bach, Lever harp, Pedal Harp Ep. I, however, really do want to learn how to play the pedal harp. By tuning with all the pedals up in C flat major, we can then rearrange the pedals to play in any key. The lever harp instrument can play different genres of music but only a few notes of classical music. Both of these types of harp are ideal for playing different kinds of music genres. Dusty Strings, Ravenna 26 $1,300: Dusty Strings, FH26 Double Strung $3,450: 26-string string lever harp Serial No. 66 Two Bagpipe Tunes on the harp. Remember, this is all about your goals with the harp. Louder. What should I do? Using your feet means that you don’t have to take either hands off the strings. If you want to play grand harps and play in front of thousands of people then probably the pedal harp would be best. Changing pitch was done by retuning, or by manual techniques such as fretting, playing a consonant but different note, and so on. Lever harps aren’t wimpy, but, un-amplified, they do better in a smaller space or with a chamber ensemble. Other levers displace the string up and down, again, a small amount, keeping the string spacing the same but moving the string out toward the hand of the player. They are traditionally played with your fingernails, producing a bell-like tone. This is because they are relatively cheaper than the pedal models since you can get a good piece at as low as 400 dollars. 4. I have some harps to rent! An amp can by used to augment the volume. The main difference between lever harp and pedal harp is in the method employed to change semi-tones: lever harps have a separate lever on each string which is engaged by hand. They are mainly used by live performers considering they are relatively easier to pack when transporting. Pedal Harp Gut String Set; Pedal Harp Bass Wire Set; Alliance KF Set; Lever Harp String Sets. The weight of a standard lever harp is estimated to be between 15 to 35 pounds, while a pedal harp has a weight estimate of between 70 to 90 lbs. Find a Harp Pre-owned harp listings from around the US and Canada. Use the filters below to narrow your results. These include lever changes which have been clearly indicated on the scores. If you intend to play the genuine, unmodified classical repertoire—Debussy or Ravel exactly as they wrote it—you will have to play a pedal harp or a cross-strung harp. The lever harp, also called folk harps or celtic harps, are usually smaller than pedal harps, and come in a range of sizes. The Lever Harp. Both types of harps require manual control when playing and changing the notes. Although lever harp cannot play all classical notes, it works perfectly for other genres. Atlanta Harp Center Bass Wires. Designed by Teifi Harps of Wales, one of the premier harp makers, these levers are engineered to provide a very smooth and quiet up (on) and down (off) lever action, producing an unimpaired tone. Many of the best-known models, such as the Lyon & Healy Prelude, Troubadour, and Ogden, and the Salvi Ana, are designed as “starter pedal harps.” While they have no pedals, they are strung with pedal harp strings and mimic the tension, string spacing, and feel of a pedal harp. bernhard-schmidt on December 6, 2006 at 9:39 pm #145091 on December 6, 2006 at 9:39 pm #145091 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. It really depends on what kind of harpist you want to become. The pedal harp works correctly for multiple classic keys since it is easy to control because you don't need to move your hand when changing the notes, unlike on lever harp. It’s a great option if you want to evoke a whimsical or enchanted atmosphere. This means that you can create more sounds using the pedal harp as opposed to when using the lever harp. For example, when the C pedal is changed from the flat to natural, this will change ALL the C strings on the harp to natural; push the C pedal down a further notch for C-sharp. These have the sharp and flat notes on a set of strings in between two natural sets. There are also many other types of harps that fall under the umbrella term, non-pedal harp. January 15 – 19, 2020. Harp sizes . If you are able to travel to a harp conference, you can hear different harps in person, and you can probably try them out in a vendor hall. They are quite light and small in size, which makes it easy and possible to move them around. This week’s instrument battle is a baroque battle! Harp musical instruments are categorized into two groups, which are the lever harp and the pedal harp. They can also be made to have a more celtic or more classical sound. Virginia Harp Center Virginia Showroom 14356 Sommerville Court Midlothian, VA 23113 804-378-3761 Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5pm Saturday: 10am-3pm. It is mainly recommended for beginners who are learning how to play different keys on the harp. You cannot play many classical songs on the lever harp exactly as written,but there are many good arrangements for lever harp. both versions can be played on either lever harp or pedal harp. 1. – but glissandos for lever harps are limited to the notes available depending on how the instrument is tuned (in C or Eb). In both cases, remember that every note of the scale must be accounted for (unless you stop some notes, as Ray Pool has experimented with). Premier Strings Lever Tension Gut; Premier Strings Pedal Tension Gut; Octave Sets; Bow Brand Strings. There are a wide variety of musical instruments, and one of the standard traditional instruments that have been on the market for quite a long time is the harp. No fingerings. Unlike the orchestral harp, however, the folk harp design does not accommodate double action – that is, to easily change from flat to sharp or natural. Lever harps vs. pedal harps . Should you begin your harp journey on one of these specialty harps? Monthly rates depend on the size and value of the instrument, as well as its intended use. The pedal harp is ideal for professional players since there is no limit to the music genre or classic sounds you can play with it. The cost estimate of a pedal harp ranges from $1,000 to $15,000 and more for grand harps, while a lever harp has a cost estimate of around 500 dollars and more. Genuine classical repertoire. Overwhelmed? Many folk, lever or Celtic harps are strung with nylon. However, traditionally folk harps, including the wire-strung harp, did not use levers or blades. You can transport a lever harp in most any type of car. If you are looking for a harp at a budget, then a lever harp is the right model to buy. This eases the transition for a student who begins on lever harp and then progresses to a pedal harp once she has decided she’s crazy enough to stay with the harp. Bigger and heavier. Appearance: A lever harp is smaller than a pedal harp. If your dream is to play in an orchestra, you will need to do this on pedal harp. The PDF link has above has the correct notation). This is also the right choice for people who need a compact and portable harp because it is easy to transport. ABOUT ‍ Lessons Performances Teacher's Profile. Neck and column design restricts a change to only one half step up. Salvi Lever Harp Line; Currently In-Stock; Electric Lever Harps; Strings. Pedal harps have pedals that simultaneously change all octaves of any given note, so one pedal change will result, for example, in all F naturals becoming F#, or all B naturals becoming Bb. Here’s where pedals or levers come in. How many strings do you want? Note that this type of harp raises and lowers the notes half step. The Pedal Harp is suitable for playing contemporary music. However, on lever harps, each note has an independent “sharping lever”, which can raise that particular note by a half step. This is the kind of harp mostly recommended for beginners. You need to use different muscles to pull pedal harp strings, and you’ll want to develop pedal harp hand technique from the start. Pedal Harps have between 40 and 47 strings and have 7 pedals around the base; one for each note of the scale. Photos courtesy of The Harp Connection. If you intend to play Celtic repertoire, you’ll need a wire-strung harp or a lever harp with the appropriate string tension. Virginia Harp Center New Jersey Showroom 425 N. Haddon Avenue Haddonfield, NJ 08033 856-428-1430 Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5pm … If you want C sharp, and you have 4 C strings, you have to flip up to 4 levers. If you are wanting to study harp at a university level, you WILL need to purchase a pedal harp. Make: Dusty Strings; Height: 123/135cm; Weight: 9.5kg. This is because the pedal harps are designed in a larger size and also contains more strings as opposed to the lever harp. It really depends on the sound and the range that you want to have available. Can I learn with the lever harp first then switch to the pedal harp later? It has many strings and large soundbox efficient for different musical sounds. Wire-strung harps CAN have blades installed (but not pedals – the pedal harp is a different creature altogether). (See also wire-strung harp below.). Levers were the answer. I don’t think it is unfair to say that the lever harp is a bit more limited than the pedal harp, but if the music you want to play is perfectly playable on the lever harp then a pedal harp just isn’t necessary. For example, when the C pedal is changed from the flat to natural, this will change ALL the C strings on the harp to natural; push the C pedal down a further notch for C-sharp. A high tension gut strung lever harp with a pedal harp feel from Dusty Strings. Closest music school with a pedal harp is about 3 hours away. Sound: A pedal harp is often louder than a lever harp, with a rich, full tone. New pedal harps usually start around $10,000 and go up from there. Mia 34 . Pre-owned or used Harps of all types -- Lever Harps, Pedal Harps, Wire Harps, Celtic Harps, Irish Harps, Folk Harps -- great search capabilities from harp stores around the US and Canada. Well, lucky for you, you live in the Internet Age. Regular Harps (What’s The Difference?). This is because the pedal harps are designed in a larger size and also contains more strings as opposed to the lever harp. It is easier to go from pedal harp technique to lever harp technique than the other way around. The pedal controls the notes on the instrument. I've been playing a 34 string lever harp for about 10 years now (just for personal enjoyment) and am ready for a larger harp. So how do you hear a B flat or a C sharp on the harp? Beginners mostly start practicing on the Lever harp before proceeding to the Pedal as they master the craft. If this matters to you, go for pedal. It features fast sixteenth-note passages, glissandi, and carillon effects. Lever Harps in the Lyon & Healy West Showroom If you play a Lyon & Healy or Salvi lever harp, you may have noticed that these manufacturers, through their sister company, Bow Brand Strings, produce both “Lever Gut” and “Pedal … On the other hand, the pedal harp can play different classic notes and all genres of music thanks to the massive sound box and a high number of strings.

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